Wedding reception venue for 6070 guests. Help!

We are planning our wedding for May 2013. So far I've had a hard time finding an affordable space for our reception for 60 guests. Most places I have contacted are too big or require at least 100 guests. Prefer an indoor space. Any suggestions??

Re: Wedding reception venue for 6070 guests. Help!

  • Try Rick's Boatyard on the westside? They are right on Eagle Creek Reservoir.

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    Have you tried Winchester Place in Greenwood? Or the Columns in Greenwood which is owned by The Atrium.
  • Try local clubs, like the Lion's Club and such. They don't have heavy restrictions.
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  • Crown Room, in Brownsburg :) Hope this helps!!!
  • Crown Room, in Brownsburg :) Hope this helps!!!
  • Have you thought about a restaurant setting? I know Maggiano's or Harry and Izzy's have large party rooms. 

    Also, the Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield has rooms of all different sizes. If you want a rustic feel, try the Mustard Seed Gardens in Fishers/Noblesville. They have a newly renovated barn that is fantastic. The rest of the grounds are goregous too.
  • I got married at the White River Gardens this past April and had a fairly small wedding (around 100).  Ceremony in the Hilbert Conservatory, reception in the Hulman Riverhouse.  I'm not sure what their catering minimum is but I don't think they require a minimum number of bodies.
  • 60 to 70 people is what are going to have, and I found a site I'm very happy with.
    Now it's not as fancy as the Community Life center or one of the major hotels but I think it has loads of potential. (besides we're definately not fancy people) It's Municiple Gardens city park on Layfayette road near 16th. (Near us) It has a large party room with shiney wooden floors and big picture windows overlooking the river. It has big square brick columns and large iron lantern cages haging from them. Last year I was told that they were going to be installing chandaliers that winter. There is a large kitchen and you can bring your own catering or even cater it yourself and there is adequate parking. Only 2 draw backs; long banquet tables and metal folding chairs are what is provided; and there's no alcohol allowed since it is a city park.
    I really want round tables and don't like the idea of metal chairs at all, but they only charge $60 an hour!  Niether of our families are big drinkers so deciding to ditch alcohol was not a problem. The room is actually maybe too big for that many people but I decided we just wouldn't use the corners of the room.

    Wouldn't hurt to go check it out!

    Since we had to postpone our event till 2016; I think we will be able to save up enough money to rent the tables and chairs I want.
  • If it's not too far, The Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County has a charming room that holds up to 90 people for a reception.  It's the Allison Peabody room.  My daughter wanted to use it, but it wasn't larg enough so she used their larger room instead.
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