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Photographer Checklist

I am starting my search for a photographer and I was hoping there was a checklist of questions so avoid hidden costs or to help choose which photographer to use, what types of things should I look for? Thanks!

Re: Photographer Checklist

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    I would look at their body of work, first.  Their style of photography is really going to matter to you.

    As far as hidden costs, that's all in the contract and I really have never heard of "surprise" charges from photographers.  You do, however, want to find out what their price packages include.  Some photographers seem to be low-priced, but their package only includes their time the day of your wedding and maybe a CD of pics, no online album, no hard copy album, etc, and those "extras" can add up.  Again, that should all be laid out in the contract.

    For questions, ask things like, "Will you charge me for travel time if my ceremony is in one location and my reception is in another?"  "Do I need to feed you?"

    And I will give you the best advice I was given for choosing a photographer: Make sure you LIKE this person, because you will be spending ALL DAY with them, and if they annoy you, you don't want them following you around.



  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    A good photographer should do most of the talking.  Ask to see an entire wedding from beginning to end so you will see how they will capture the day in its entirety.  Confirm that you will receive a CD of your images with printing rights included in your package (or if not included, what is the cost). 

    Basically you are just wanting to get a feel for the photographer's personality to make sure it is compatible with yours and that his/her style matches the vision you have for your wedding day.
  • angelsong21angelsong21 member
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    Ditto what PP have already said -- they both give excellent advice.

    I will also add to not only ask to make sure you get the print release, but also ask WHEN you will get this print release.  A friend of a friend had engagement pictures done well in advance of the wedding and wanted to print e-pics to include in the invitations.  Unfortunately, she was not aware that she would not get a print release on her e-pics until AFTER the wedding.  Bizarre, but this does happen... just read the contract very carefully.  Besides that, I think liking the photographer's style in how they shoot a wedding from beginning to end as well as how well your personalities mesh are the most important things I can think of.

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