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One Atlantic Brides

Hi... are there any OA brides out there??

We just booked the venue for our spring 2012 wedding and would love to hear some of your experiences with the venue staff and especially the vendors you've chosen for your day!!!

Re: One Atlantic Brides

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    I'm searching for potential wedding venues & am very interested in One Atlantic. If you don't mind me asking, how much are you paying per person?
  • lp2nelsonlp2nelson member
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    $145 pp (before tip/tax) broken down into the following:
    ceremony set up/breakdown ($10 pp)
    sit down dinner ($80 pp)
    5 hour open bar ($55 pp)

    there is also a $1,500 site fee (plus tax)

    Since our wedding is in April it is considered off season... so anything May-Oct will be $10 more pp (plus tip/tax) and $3000+ for site fee (plus tax)

    AKA... A LOT!!!!!! LOL.

    But we didn't start looking till less then one year left till we wanted to get married so we knew there would be pretty few options with all of our requirements.  We have about 75% of our guests coming from out of town so it was essential our venue would have direct access to a hotel and at a location we felt was more of a "destination" for them to spend the weekend.
    Also we didn't want something traditional but rather something very clean and more on the modern side. 

    One Atlantic fit the bill perfectly!
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    Where are the guests staying? Also considering being an OA bride!  Do they have many options for decor?
  • lp2nelsonlp2nelson member
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    The guests will be staying at Ceasers and Ballys (right next door). 
    You've actaully reminding me that I never heard back from them on the rates... thx!

    I haven't really reached the "decor" options yet... we loved the venue b/c it was so modern and clean and could really do anything with the place.  Most people actually go very minimalist (check out the pics on the fb page)

    I actually plan on using their hanging crystal ball with "candles" lights and then doing larger "tree-like" centerpieces on evey other table.  With all the large windows I hope it'll have an outdoorsy feel with stars sparkeling above.  But I'm meeting with the venue next weekend to find out their thoughts and feelings on the idea and also to get names of florist vendors.

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    Hi! I am also very seriously condsidering becoming an OA bride. I would love to hear everyones experience especially with vendors. I would like to keep to a budget but nervous about hidden fees and enhancements.
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    I am an OA bride for anybody that would like to talk about it..I am very excited!
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    Hi all, I am considering OA for my wedding this September. Have they lowered prices in the last year? I noticed that the minimum was $100,000 for a wedding there. I found a blog about a OA wedding from last year, they have a driftwood arbor which looks nice. You have to rent it thru a vendor I think, not sure of the price tho: http://www.coventrycrossing.com/Coventry_Crossing/Blog/Entries/2011/1/10_Lora_%26_Michael_-_One_Atlantic_in_Atlantic_City.html Also there was an environmental modern theme so that's what caught my eye.
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    I am also considering One Atlantic for summer of 2012.  I love the place and really hope everything works out. 

    Have any of you heard about the pier forclosure?  This is the only thing that is keeping me from booking at this points and I am wondering if I am worried about nothing or if this is a true concern??

  • mooch5mooch5 member
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    I would love as much information as you girls can share, as I will be contacting them very soon for my 2013 wedding!  Never thought I would consider Atlantic City until I saw pictures online...
    The total wedding is almost 100k??  The bride above said 145 pp which is only approx. 30k for 200 guests.  I'm a little confused...
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