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wedding colors and bridal party?

For my wedding I will be having 5 colors. They will act as accents to white. Each of my bridesmaids is to wear one of the 5 colors, only problem is I have 6 girls. It's hard to cut one since 4 are sisters and 2 are best friends. Should I add another color or just have two girls in the same color? 

1 matron of honor
1 maid of honor
2 bridesmaids
2 junior bridesmaids

colors are: yellow, blue, green, pink, and purple (representing disney princess colors)

At the reception each table will have one of the 5 colors incorporated and the bridal party table will be teal.

Re: wedding colors and bridal party?

  • Gustafson28Gustafson28 Winterfell member
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    I have a couple ideas... You could have the maid or matron of honour in a short or long dress (whichever is opposite to the rest of the girls..) and have her choose her fave colour of the bunch... Another idea is to have her in black with an accent sash of one of your colours. If you want to be a little different you could have her in white .. Even add a sash of your colour if you want to distinguish her more. Don't worry, no one will mistake her for you! Also I love Disney princesses lol.
  • I love all of PP ideas. I wouldnt cut a girl just because it doesnt work out with your colors, make the colors work for you.

  • I think it's fine to have 2 girls in the same color, or 2 different shades of one color. Cutting a friend out of your wedding because she is messing up your color scheme is a wee bit shallow and possibly a friendship-ender. Absolutely don't do that.
  • I agree with the PP; do NOT kick anyone out if you've already asked them to be a bridesmaid. 

    If you're using teal somewhere else, I vote for the sash to be in teal. Other posters had great ideas so I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Good luck with your wedding!
  • I agree that I would have 2 girls maybe wearing the same colour. What about having your MOHs in the same colour, distinguishing them from the rest of the bridesmaids?
  • You could place your maid of honor in the teal of the wedding party table, as it sounds like that is another color that you could use in addition to the 'disney princess' colors
  • Thank you so much for all the ideas. I was never planning on cutting any of the girls from the party. Just explaining that it wasn't possible and merely showing that it wasn't to be a suggestion. I sat down with my MOH's and we hashed it out using all the great suggestions here. Thanks again.
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