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A Strict $8,000 budget

Hi all! I'm brand new to this, and am already freaking out. I have a strict $8,000 budget and have no idea where to even start. I have tried to speak with several vendors in town, but it seems like they are either giving me the run-around, or ignoring me completely. Can anybody help me with ieas, venues, etc? It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Re: A Strict $8,000 budget

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    Do an all inclusive wedding, that includes a lot of services rather than multiple vendors. Something like the Crystal Rose, they even include a DJ.
  • kzagurskikzagurski member
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    I'm getting married next weekend and have done mine on a $7,000 budget. It's doable. Though, I should note, we're only having about 70 guests.
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    omg i wish i had $8000 to spend on a wedding!

    many of the hotels in town are all inclusive-depends on the setting you want!

    you should budget out your money into categories ie:

    -venue (seperate or same ceremony/location)
    -fees, taxes, tips

    these things can add up, but an $8000 wedding in denver is completely doable!

    congrats and always feel free to ask questions!!
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  • JessieR933JessieR933 member
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    Welcome. A $8000 budget is doable. Take a deep breath. But it does require a lot of time to comparing things.  So when is the big day?
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    Hi There,
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!  I also am on a Budget, $4000, But I am in New Zealand so things maybe a bit cheaper here (?)  Things I'm doing/done to stay on target...***Got a 2nd hand dress from NZ's version of e-bay, I'm totally in love with it and it was only $300!  ***Having only 60 guests ***Having the Ceremony in a Beautiful Public Garden(free) across the Rd from the Reception venue ***Seasonal Food and Flowers (this saves a packet!) ***Having a Buffet ***Getting My dad to drive me in his new car(just have to make sure he cleans it first!)  ***I-pod for music,this is lots of fun to set up, and we are asking guests to each suggest a song to get them grooving ***My Hairdresser friend will do our Hair as her gift (bless her!) ***Only have a Maid of Honour, no bridesmaids, and our 2 daughters as flowergirls.

    What I am not scrimping on is the set up of our Venue, that will look stunning! 
    We have both been married before and would like our wedding to be elegent, but most importantly relaxed and fun!  There are alot of details to get lost in, just keep your eye on your prize (and he's free!!)
    Good Luck
  • mizjodimizjodi member
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    First, decide what your priorities are (food, dj, photographer?), and then decide how many people you can afford based on your priorities, and STICK TO THAT LIST! And keep in mind, DIY doesn't always mean money saved. Look on craigslist, or here, for decor being sold from other weddings.

    Do a lot of research, and talk to us, and you'll do fine! 8K is also a few grand more than I'll have to spend :)

    Congrats, you can do this, and have a blast!
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    We are on a strict budget too! Think about the possibility of having a Friday or Sunday wedding, also about booking during the "off season." We are getting married on April 29, 2011, a Friday night. It is one weekend before the actual wedding season starts, so we are getting off season pricing on our venue. We are also getting the cheaper, Friday night pricing as well. Overall, we are saving $2000 on the venue alone compared to the following Saturday. We also have the option of bringing in our own caterer and buying our own booze, so we can serve whatever kind of bar we choose and not have a cash bar. One thing that really helped me was to make a spreadsheet of all the venues: room charges, catering charges, bar charges, taxes, gratuity, staff fees, everything....and really do a line by line comparison. A lot of places will add in hidden charges, so get all the info! Also, simplicity is key. Things that make for a really great party: good food, good drinks, good music and good company! Don't let yourself get to overwhelmed with all of the little details, more than likely, people won't remember those! Its doable, just prioritize and remember the most important thing is that you are getting married, its everything beyond the wedding that really, truly matters. 
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    You and I should talk.  We're thinking a $10,000 budget and I'm freaking out looking at stuff too.  I'm going to have think hardcore outside the box on this, I think.
    I've thought about contacting Denver Urban Gardens to see if any of their gardens would be okay for a wedding, and this weekend I'm going to the farmers market and asking all the farmers there about their farms for wedding receptions!  How much would it cost to get married in a park?  Could I get married in Wash Park, for example?  DeLaney Farms?  What about the Denver Library?  I wonder what that would run me?  Then I could use the light rail for transportation.  How awesome would that be (okay, I know not everyone loves public transportation like I do)?  To ride the light rail in my wedding dress?
    I'm really trying to get creative, because everything looks so expensive, and cutting my guest list is not really in the question.  I'm already pairing it down more than I want to.  I'm going to do a lot of DIY stuff, and I might end up having my grandma make my gown if I can't get something I like for under $1000.  What is the going rate for a wedding dress, anyway?  I have a feeling that looking at bridal magazines and watching Say Yes To The Dress might be giving me unrealistic expectations.  Please say that's the case, right?  I don't want to do David's Bridal though.  Why not just buy a wedding dress at Old Navy?  Blech!  Yes, I'd like that dress, the one 10,000 other brides will wear on the same day that I wear mine.  Thanks.
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    Consider using a public park for your ceremony and maybe doing a different time than the traditional evening "dinner" event. Just do dessert or do a brunch, you'll save a lot of money!

    For photography look into hiring a student photographer. Yellow Paddle Photography screens, trains and insures up and coming student photographers- it a safe way to save on photography.

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    IF you can get over the initial idea of wearing something "used" I think the idea of consignment wedding dresses is smart. In my opinion, I'd rather wear a beautiful dress I would not be able to afford to buy new rather than spend the same money on a new dress from a place like davids bridal.  In denver there is a great place called:
    http://www.thealtarbridalconsignment.com/ that has dresses that are current with today's fasion (which is not usually case in consignment stores)

    also, I have looked at preownedweddingdress.com  --although I don't like the idea of purchasing something I have not tried on.

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