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Min - please explain what you love about Austin, and what there is to do there. All i know is that it's the state capital, so very conservative, yet there's a huge artist community. oh, and they have bats.  We're planning on taking another trip in the fall and mentioned Austin and NOLA since they were both within driving distance. (We haven't ruled out Dallas, but are planning a trip there based on hockey schedules so we can catch a Pens/Stars or Flyers/Stars game)

Re: Austin?

  • Please let me know when you come to the Big D.
  • NOLA, i will. likely sometime October 2011 - April 2012.
  • The music scene is what does it for me. I also love the vibe - the independent businesses and anti-chain feel about the city. I hate chain restaurants, so being there is really refreshing. I like the attitude of the city. Anti-establishments, very not-Texas.

    The bats are awesome, too. I recommend checking that out. It's a good family friendly thing to do.

    When I go to Austin, I don't plan things to do...I just wander, and drink. But, with a family, you'd have to plan, I suppose.

    NOLA is a favorite place for my BIL & SIL to go with their kids. The kids love it. I don't know what they do with their kids when they are there, but they stay at a hotel that has three pools.
  • Min, there are kid friendly things.
    The zoo, aquarium, Museum of Art, City Park, walking around the fq(non Bourbon St) and Mardi Gras World. Ha. You get the idea.
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    I am curious about this too.  All I know is that they have a highly competitive creative writing MFA program.  

    Edit: by "they" I mean the University of Texas at Austin. 
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  • Austin itself is a bastion of liberalness in Texas.  Not conservative at all.
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