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Hi ladies!  I was just curious what you are planning on spending on the flowers at your wedding.  My mom is suffering from some serious sticker shock, and it would really help if I could talk to her about what is pretty average for the area.  Thanks!

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    I dont know what is average but i am paying 850 for min
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    The price will depend on how large your bridal party is, what kinds of flowers you are requesting, how many flower arrangements you need, and how large the arrangements are.  But you're right--they're expensive, and they add up quickly.

    Some suggestions if you want to trim the budget a little:

    *  Decorate your tables with something other than cut flowers, such as flower petals, potted plants, candles, etc.

    *  Give your bridesmaids a single flower instead of a whole bouquet; it will be lovely with greenery and some ribbon.

    *  Choose in-season flowers.

    *  Choose less-complicated flowers.  Certain flowers will cost more, no matter what the season (lilies, orchids, magnolias, peonies, gardenia, hydrangea).

    *  Buy flowers at the store, such as Costco.  It will require some DIY and you won't be able to be as choosy, but the cost savings can be significant.

    *  Go silk.

    I couldn't bear spending so much on flowers that will be wilting within days.  I decided to use use leaves, branches, greenery, and apples in lieu of a lot of the flowers in order to save money.
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    Oh...I came across a presentation online from a Utah florist that said that the average cost for wedding flowers in Utah was $500-$1000.  I don't know how she got that info and there was no source, but you can take that for what it's worth.  Smile
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    Thanks, ladies!  I've been doing everything I can to cutt costs, but I feel at a bit of a loss.  The wedding is in July, and we're using sunflowers because they really pack a punch.  For the our five bridesmaids and flower girl, we're doing three sunflowers instead of a huge bouquet and the rest of the flowers have more of awildflower feel to them.  I think the problem we're running into, budget wise is that there are twenty tables for guests, plus the head table and the guest book.  I love the idea of silk flowers, and I'd be fine buying them as long as I can convince the florist to use  them!
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    Check out Costco's wedding flowers... I believe they have sunflowers too.

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    I just had a friend tell me she used Skyline Florist.. she said it was really reasonable and they did a great job...maybe that will help :)
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    Mine are going to be around 600.00 not including centerpieces, I am not sure what I doing for those yet.  I am using pretty much all gerbera daises. My florist told me they run 3.00 a stem. The 600.00 includes my bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, petals for flower girl, cake flowers, 9 boutonnieres, 4 corsages and an arangment for a photo table.
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    I am making my own bouquetts, coursages, boutonieers, and center pieces out of fake flowers. Fake flowers are made so realistic looking these days, and I got an AMAZING deal at Joanne's, bought 60 flowers for $44.00
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    One way I found to cut some costs is to use my bridesmaids bouquets for the flowers at the head table.  I also cut out a throw bouquet since I figure I can just use the one I'm having made.  What am I going to do with a wilted bouquet days before my honeymoon?  Just some thoughts.  My first quote from a florist was $3200 and my mom about passed out.  We met with another and it was around $1850 the lowest I've found so far.  We are definitely going to be making some changes.  Good Luck!
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    I am having these two ladies that run a flower shor called heartfelt blossoms out of their home.  They are so kind and amazing.  Not to mention they do a wonderful job...and they are probably at least 40% cheaper than any flower shop.  They are in bountiful. im sure if you ggole it their number will pop up...i highly recommend them
  • Hey, all,

    I would love to DIY all of the flowers. Anyone know of a good wholesaler/access to flowers around here?

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