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New York-Long Island

What questions should I ask when we go on site visit to venue????

Hey Everyone

Today I made appointments to visit a bunch of venues in Suffolk to tour their facility. Can anyone offer any advice on what questions to ask? Also, is there any advice on negotiation tactics? I'm so nervous! and I just want to go in prepared!

Re: What questions should I ask when we go on site visit to venue????

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    I posted the same question before..um look a lil further down the page nr and u find my topic
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    Well think of things that are important to you and your FI. such as: if you need to have the ceremony there; do they have a space for that.indoor and/or outdoor.....if it matters to you to be "one wedding at a time",  how many people the room can hold, how many people do you have to guarantee to be there and have to pay for, do they include the cake, plus dont forget the the cost they give you a head  might not include the tax and gratuity so ask them to give the the total price with that included also. Lots of luck!! :)
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    Also, if you realize later that you forgot to ask something, there's no harm in calling.  The people who show you around are there to help, and to make sure you get the right fit place.  I'm sure I drove one lady crazy... I kept calling back with questions, but I'm glad I did.  There's a lot to be said for making a (very) informed decision, especially since many weddings cost more than a car, and you wouldn't buy a car without asking a million questions!
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