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Alexis Stein Photography - Offical Review!

I know you all probably see me telling everyone about them in replies but I really do need to write an offical review of these two amazing photographers. There are not enough nice words to describe them.

First off: I was an art school student and very very picky / very very poor. No only did their work impress me more than any of the big studios (ADA was the prefered at my venue and looked pretty plain (Not bad... just plain...) but they also worked within my budget. I urge anyone who wants to use them but it's on a tight budget to tell them your budget and let them see what they can do to adjust their packages. They were also the most LGBT friendly photographers met and I did ALOT of searching for that.

Alexis and Keith are a husband and wife team who we actually are now great friends with. Everything is done by the two of them so you never need to worry who is doing your editing or answering the phones. I am very camera shy and they made me feel so comfortable. Each picture was perfect and their personalitys just made the day so much better. They even openned up a studio in Miller Place (They are having an opening on Dec 1st) that I can't wait to see.

If any of you are looking for amazing photographers, please check them out.

My photos are unlocked so check them out:

I've met many of the other couples they've worked with and there is nary a bad word to be found. Simply and 100% amazing.

Also: We got a lot of questions about this. We did our own programs, flowers, center peices and seating cards. If you want any advice or to have us help you, my wife and I work for cheap!

Re: Alexis Stein Photography - Offical Review!

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    Thanks for the review - however, I will say I am not a fan of Alexis - she advertises (stealthily, but it's still advertising) all over this board, and I find it pushy (and also a violation of The Knot's terms of service).  I'm glad she did a fantastic job for you, but frankly, her marketing tactics made me cross her off our list immediately.
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    Well I'm sorry you missed out on amazing photographers. I was refered to them from another bride on theknot. I know they have an account because they recently got married in october and I find it hard to believe that they did that because they would've gotten the boot off the site but then again I can't prove it otherwise. Whenever I see her post something, it's never on a photography board or about photography. They were amazing and I've met many couples who agree. Too bad you missed out :). Who did you use?
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    She doesn't do it directly on the boards, but she's private-messaged me and several people I know.  Like I said, I'm glad she was amazing, I just found her tactics too pushy for my taste.  And I haven't gotten married yet, so no photog reviews from me yet.  :-)
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    If you say so... Hope you find someone else.
  • I have met with a few Photographers... and honestly... Alexis  was probably one of the pushiest I have ever met.

    I wouldn't  use her either.

    Supposed to meet  with Patken  & MLG photography this week.

  • Dorthy: Again, I'm sorry to hear that. My first meeting with her was super casual. I met her and husband at a local restaurant to check out their portfolio. I couldnt even close to afford them but we talked about my true budget and worked it all out. I see her sometimes and I will pass the message along that something she was doing came across as pushy. I'm sure she'll wanna know what happened. 
  • They just won Best LI Photography Studio from Long Island Press AND the Bride Choice for Photography from!!! 

    Dorthy, I spoke with Alexis and she'd love an e-mail to talk about what happened. Shes not sure who you are and the date of your wedding doesnt match any brides she and her husband met with. She wants to make sure that she doesn't repeat this mistake with anyone else. [email protected]
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