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Hi Ladies:

HAs anyone ordered dresses from Pearl's Place?  I thought I remember reading that some of you have but I can't remember who.  Were the dresses in good condition?  Were you satisifed with the service?  My girls can save over $40 per dress by going with Pearl's Place.  Any feedback would be helpful.

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Re: Pearl's Place

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    I ordered by wedding gown from Pearl's Place as wella s my girls BM dresses. My dress arrived in perfect condition, in the designers box, a month earlier than they said it would be here. the girls' dresses also arrived early (not as early as mine, but still early) and they were also packaged in the designers box and were fine. One of my BM's said there was a tiny spot on her dress that came out with a wet was rag though. I was completely satisfied with their prices & service. HTH!
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  • meredithl618meredithl618 member
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    I didn't order my dress, but I ordered my veil from them.  The shipping was $12, I saved $100 on the veil, and it arrived on time.  
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    One of my BMs is using them for her BM dresses in her wedding.  She had used the company before in another friends wedding.  Nothing but good reviews from all the people I personally know that has used them!

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    I know a few of the older knotties ordered from Pearl's Place & they were pleased. They don't really post anymore though. I checked into them & Jay's Bridal. They both had my dress for the same price but Jay's bridal was running a promotion for free shipping & a garment bag so I chose them. They are a brick & mortar store based out of Gainesville. I was completely happy with them. I'm not sure if this matters to you but they will let you pay 1/2 for your dress when your order & the other 1/2 when it comes in. I paid mine up front so they would ship it to me as soon as it came's nice to have the option though :-)
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    I ordered my wedding dress from them and can't say enough about how much I love them! I saved a TON of money, and like PPs, it came really soon! It was in perfect condition.  In my opinion, it would be silly to order from a local store if Pearl's Place has your dress for less $$.  The shipping was only $12 for a WEDDING DRESS! Unbelievable.  
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    I've heard great things about them, but my dress came from (which is also a brick and mortor store up north).  They too had excellent service!

    You can really save some money by using places like Pearls Place, Jays Bridal or NetBride :o)
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  • alliegator8alliegator8 member
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    I totally recommend Pearl's place.  They were so nice and helpful.  And I got such a great deal on my dress!
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