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Confession Thursday!!

Hey Ladies! Its Thursday again!

You know what to do:   Laughing
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Re: Confession Thursday!!

  • Ill start it off: I confess that I am really excited about the next couple of DW weddings coming up!!!! :)))
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  • TrudM75TrudM75 member
    edited October 2012
    I confess that I am starting to get a little anxious at times when I start to think about things!  I think that it is more excitement than anything! :-)
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  • Trud- you are soooo close!! I would be getting anxious / excited too! You will have a perfect day!!

    I confess that I have been slacking off at work all week. looking at dresses and other wedding related stuff. I need to get a binder together this weekend so I feel less all over the place. And cut down on the random wedding research at work.

    I also confess that I have been wanting a glass of wine since Tuesday but have stuck to our plan of no drinking M-W. Tonight the wine will taste SOOO good. Plus our couple friend is coming over for dinner so it will be good food, good wine and friends. perfect night!!
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  • Trudy- in a few days you will be at the one month mark!!!! I cant believe that ! :))))

    Winogrrl- good for you! keep it up! And get used to being wedding obessed for the next 7 months 3 weeks and two days lol
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  • Winogrrl- way to go sticking to your plan! And yah, I second Brit- there's no avoiding the wedding obsessing :)

    I confess that I've been really enjoying all the field work I've been doing lately, even though it means traveling and spending nights away from FI. 
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  • I love field work it makes the work day go by fast!
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  • my confession..  I am watching Easy A and it makes me obnoxiously happy and I also keep wanting my wedding thats over a year away to happy now because I want super cute babies like yesterday :)
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