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June 2013 Weddings

AW Monday

Re: AW Monday

  • I already posted this on the FB group, but I'll shamelessly brag about it again....my fiance won the 5K he ran this weekend and finished with a time of 17:17. Then, on Sunday he cleaned up the house so that I could work on wedding stuff. He was extra-awesome this weekend.
  • I'd like the AW that I'm working from home, but it's because of the Hurricane. I wish I was working from home under better circumstances, and I'd rather not risk all the danger fro all of us on the east coast.

    I have an AW for FI though. Next week he gets to go to New Orleans for work. I'm really jealous, its always been a place we wanted to go. We almost went for New Years Eve a 2 years ago, but we had a Christmas blizzard and everything shut down so we had to cancel. He has to work, but he's still gonna have a blast. I hope we get to go back together in the VERY near future.
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  • Fiance and I are both off today... so we're playing hookey and going to Disneyland later for some much needed quality time. Can't wait :D

  • I got out of work early because of the hurricane, so that's cool. Odds are we'll be off tomorrow too. Otherwise we have to report to work in the morning then play it by ear, but we'd get out early again. Sucks that we're getting hit with a hurricane, but I didn't get to have a weekend, so I'm happy for the free time off. It is starting to get pretty nasty out here in CNY.
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  • I work at Syracuse University and they closed the school until Wednesday so FI and I can get some wedding stuff done and cleaning! I love days were I can just cuddle up and watch a movie!
  • I have a couple WR AWs that happened in the past week:

    1. We picked a bridesmaid dress.
    2. We picked and ordered our save the dates.
    3. We booked our rehersal dinner location.

    Woohoo! So excited to have things checked off the list and I will elaborate more with pictures on wedding wends.
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  • Praying for you all affected by the hurricane! I lost everything in Hurricane Andrew during my ex-husband's Air Force years, so I know how scary it can get.

    Emilyb, I know you must be so proud of your FI right now! And he's being so sweet! Remember this the next time he screws up royally. LOL

    Disneyland, Brita?! I am so jealous!!! I hope you two had a blast. :)

    Neat that a few got wedding stuff done, too! I'm so lagging behind in that department. Now that we've got the venue, I'm just not that worried about it. 

    My AW is the redecorate the kids and I did on my youngest two's bedroom. We've been wanting to do it for years, but kept putting it off. I let them pick out the colors, the bedding, the curtains, the wall decorations, etc., and they are currently the happiest kids in the state. It's great to get to be the fun parent every now and then. :)
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  • I have 2 AWs, 1 is NWR and I already posted it on Facebook group, but the short version is I got offrered a Full Time job, which would REALLY help FI and I out. Just last week we were pretty much deciding that we weren't having a christmas this year... 

    My 2nd AW is WR, FI and I finally got a chance to meet the Officiant for our wedding, and he is perfect! He is very open and non-judgemental of FI and I living together. We don't need to meet with him until January but we are so excited to know OFFICIALLY that we have our ceremony venue!
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  • This is a day late, but I was busy worrying myself to death over the hurricane yesterday so here it is!  I ran my second 5k on Sunday and beat my old time by almost 2 minutes!  I was really proud of myself because I really gave it my all this time!  I'm only 36 seconds away from my goal time, so I'm going to run another one on Thanksgiving morning to see if I can beat it!
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