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Bachelorette Party guests--how to decide

I know there are no hard and fast rules for who you choose to invite to your bachelorette party, but I'm having a hard time deciding who to invite. Based on who I am considering, at the smallest it would be about 6 girls, and at largest it would be 16.

How will you decide/did you decide to invite? Did you base it on who you were closest to, or some other criteria? I thought that maybe if I get a feel for how others decided it would help me make my own decision. TIA!

Re: Bachelorette Party guests--how to decide

  • Typically, you would invite your friends that you are closest with and all the members of your bridal party.

    Whomever you invite to the B-party MUST also receive an invitation, otherwise, that is extremely rude & tacky.  Just a heads up on that one ;)


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    The girls at my bachelorette party were my closest friends. It was small group--about 7 or 8 of us--but I didn't want a huge honking group. I would say definitely invite all WP members, and like PP said, make sure everyone on the guest list is also invited to your wedding.

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