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Time to Start a New Year

Happy Holidays.  I have survived two weeks with the family. Yes survive, being around divorced parents through the holidays is always tough.  But I am thanksful to have them, and on my way to spend New Years with my old college friends before flying back to Norway.

Some thoughts and resolutions for the new year />
1. I am going to start playing my violin again this year *after a year or so of not playing.
2. I am going to run 1000k on a treadmill
3. I am going to try to be less negative

I am really scared for this next year.  I am not sure whether I should push my boyfriend to stay in Norway another year (and possibly have kids) or if we should move to the US and go back to graduate school.  I really want to stay in Norway, but if we are going to go to school, we should do it now, while we are not too old, and without kids.

We will be signing marriage papers this spring and having a destination reception/wedding in December 2010 for family and friends.   I have decided for sure that I want to have a destination wedding and keep it as simple, untradtional as possible. Some parts of me wants to skip the wedding bit entirely.  Other parts of me think that you only live life once, and certain things should be celebrated, even if they cause a headache. 

It promises to be a big year for sure and a lot of changes.  I am really sad that it might mean leaving Norway, my heart will break leaving the country, but sometimes you have to make changes in life in order to get ahead in this world....

But the most important thing is after almost five years with the love of my life, I know I will have him by my side no matter what I am so happy for that, and now that no matter the decisions we make right or wrong we will be happy together.

What are your thoughts for the new year?

Re: Time to Start a New Year

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    BF and I just talked about this last night.  We've made a joint resolution to put away enough money that we'll have $5,000 saved by this time next year for our wedding (his idea too! I was proud!lol). We also want to make sure we've got enough saved for our trip to Cuba in March! We're pretty much there, but just want to get a bit more to be sure.  We want to get heathier, etc etc as well but those are really our big thing for the new year. 

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