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Fredericksburg VA - bridesmaid's luncheon

Does anyone know of a nice cafe or bistro type place, preferably with a private room, where I could hold a small bridesmaid's luncheon or tea party the morning of my wedding?  It might be about 10 people if I include moms and sisters.

I'm getting married near central park.


Re: Fredericksburg VA - bridesmaid's luncheon

  • rmichalakrmichalak member
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    Behind Spots. Mall they are building a new shopping center. I noticed a couple of nice restaurants. I'm not sure when you need it by, because a couple will not be open for a couple of months. But it might be worth looking into. Another idea is a winery. I know Port of Potomac (in Stafford off of Rt. 1) has a little cafe in it. Depending on the time and day you might be able to use them.
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    Try some of the places downtown:
    Eileen's moved to a new place on Caroline that has a few small rooms; I bet they'd close one of those off and they've got some great baked goods.
    The people at Primavera are wonderful, but while they'll definitely take your party I'm not sure that they'd close. You never know, though.
    Brock's has a small room in the back that fits 10-15 people perfectly. However, it's on the pricey side.
    Another place is the Griffin coffeeshop/bookstore. They've got a really nice patio area outside. The owner, Eileen, is great and I'm sure would let you have your luncheon there. They've got baked goods and dynamite coffee, but if you need anything else they're located at the corner of Caroline and Hanover, so I'm sure you could get some food from a nearby place (JBrian's?) and bring it over.
    I've never been to True Love Cafe, but I've heard good things. They're down on Sophia near William St.
    Hope that helps!
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