Unique ideas for Bachelorette/Bachelor parties???

Any one have unique ideas for Bachelorette/bachelor parties in Portland? Any downtown hotel recommendations? Need help!

Re: Unique ideas for Bachelorette/Bachelor parties???

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    have a friend who went bowling for his bachelor party, and we had a spa night with movies at the brides home...did pedicures and ate fondue...it was a blast! 
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    I always thought it would be fun to go to Bend or somewhere out in the woods and rent a cabin with everyone together -- that way, you can all have fun but not spend crazy amounts of money or worry about who's going to drive after you've ben drinking.
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    Grand Central Bowling is susposed to be really cool, and its a nice new facility.  Also you can rent a room with 2 private blowing lanes and its own bar.  The food is pretty good too I hear
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    We did a joint dinner at John Barleycorns, outside for a summer wedding, and then the guys took the groom and played poker all night (they purchased an awesome new poker table and chips as a gift to him, so he got to keep that stuff afterward) and we ladies headed back to the B&Gs apartment for wine tasting and "advice."  It was fun.
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    Me and my fiance are just having ours at my house. Were gonna have a barbeque and just listen to music and kick back with our future in-laws.
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