October 2013 Weddings

*Doodly Doo*

Introduce yourself! I see you commented on some posts but no one knows who you are.

Whats your date?
Any significance behind it?
Do you like cheese?
Favorite wine?
How do you like your potatos?


Re: *Doodly Doo*

  • Whats your date? Hoping for 10/13/2013 but we cant set it till february! Thanks Disney!
    Any significance behind it? I like the numbers 10-13-20-13
    Do you like cheese? Mmmm Cheese where's mine?
    Favorite wine? Pinot Noir
    How do you like your potatos?  Fried, baked, oven baked, mashed. Mmm Potatoes

    I'm a foodie, now I'm hungry
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  • No?, what about some of the other newbs that just started posting?

    COME AND PLAY!!!!!


  • Haha, I posted in the main Get to Know You post, and then just started randomly participating.  I should have made an Intro post I suppose! ;)

    Whats your date?: 10/19/2013
    Any significance behind it?: We got engaged on 10/19 this year and knew we wanted an October wedding, so we just chose that date.  Plus our venue had it open, so that helps ;)
    Do you like cheese?: LOVE cheese!  Gouda is my favorite, followed closely by Brie and, much to my fiance's disbelif and disgust, American cheese... Yes, the floppy yellow-orange kind. 
    Favorite wine?: Sparkling! :)  But as for wine wine, I like sauvignon blanc typically.  Not a red kind of girl!
    How do you like your potatos?: Baked... Or mashed... Or fried... Or sweet.  Why can't I love things like celery as much as potatoes?!
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