Good Bachelorette weekends?

Hey Girls!  Wanting some ideas on a bachelorette party...I DO NOT want to stay in Indy...wanting to go somewhere different for a night or the weekend.  Any ideas on a fun, affordable location that is within a few hours driving time?

Re: Good Bachelorette weekends?

  • We rented a pontoon boat on Lake Monroe for my sister's bachelorette party a few weekends ago - it was a lot of fun. We ended up coming up to Indy to go out afterwards (all of her friends live in Indy), but you could always stay down in Bloomington to do a bar crawl.
  • I went to Louisville for a bach party weekend once.  They have a bar district called 4th street live that was a lot of fun.  On the drive down from Indy, we stopped at a winery along the way.
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  • Louisville and Cincinnati both have thriving new restaurant and bar scenes. I have had a lot of fun in both towns.

    If you want something more low key, renting a cabin in Brown County or in Batesville is fun, too. My fiance went camping near Batesville for his bachelor party, and the guys all had a ton of fun "cabrewing" - canoeing and drinking on the river.
  • We went to Nashville, TN, for a friend's Bachelorette Party in March. It was so much fun. If you go, make reservations for the Nash Trash Bus Tour - it was hilarious!
  • I just got back from my Bachelorette weekend in Nashville, TN.  One night we got a private, curtained off table at a place called Cabana - it was cool because we had our own little party area so we could talk and play a few "bachelorette" games (and it's free to reserve the space - just a $250 minimum bill....with a group of 8, it was no problem spending that much).  The bar scene was fun too. 

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