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Brooch bouquet

So I decided to make my own brooch bouquet, I like how it looks and it goes perfectly with the mood... The only thing is that I've being trying to find te brooches, they're overpriced online, I'm hoping to find them at a store, I live in the valley but wouldn't mind going to downtown LA to get them. Any ideas??

Re: Brooch bouquet

  • There is a place in the Alley that has nice broaches called Hanna Accessory. I bought broaches and hair clips from them for a wedding I was in last month. The number is 2137497456.
  • Have you tried ebay?  You might be able to find a bundle of them for cheap.
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  • Downtown la has alot of stores that sell brooches. I think that there are some stores that have some as cheap as $1. I don't know the names of the stores but there are alot near the outside of the alleys area.
  • Thank you so much!!! I will definitely go over there! :
  • Thanks jagore08, I did look, the single ones are about 4 and the bounches I saw I did not like them : but thank you, there's a lot of cute ones on eBay and etsy but I'm sure they'll be cheaper at a store
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