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Advice needed about FMIL -- pronto!

We are planning our wedding in our hometown, about 3 hrs from Chicago, so timelines and to do lists for when I go home are a must.  I recently emailed my FMIL to let her know a weekend we'll be coming home in April to do our reception food tasting along with some other items.  She later sent me a text asking what time the tasting was since she forgot...well I never told her the time because I wasn't planning on her coming!  Is there a way to politely explain that we really just want it to be my parents, FI, and me since we're the ones paying?  Or for the sake of our relationship should I have my FI's parents come along too?

Re: Advice needed about FMIL -- pronto!

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    You can tell her that 4 is the max and so it will be you, FI, and your parents.  She doesn't have to know that the max didn't come from the venue.  :)
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    i agree, say that only give enough samples for 4!
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    I voted "Yes, make it work" but is there a particular reason you didn't want them to come? From what you posted about emailing her, I had assumed you were inviting her or wanting her to come until the 2nd half of your post. So maybe that was the impression she got too? Even if they do come, it doesn't mean they have a say in what you pick, so if it's not a big deal, I say let them come.
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    What does your fiance want?
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