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Help! I have a STYE!

Hello- this is my first post and I am helping someone can help me! I am in my dear friend's wedding in 4 days and I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a stye! This is the first one I have ever had and I called my doctor and they said the only thing I can do is warm compresses multiple times a day and hope it goes away.

Does anyone have any sure fire methods? Or know any over-the-counter meds that really work?/

Thank you!!!

Re: Help! I have a STYE!

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    Super hot compress (as hot as I can stand) is what I've used.  Sometimes I get lucky and it will go away after only a day or two.  Hopefully you will have luck with this as well.  I use really hot tap water and then even microwave the washcloth for 15 seconds or so and try to put pressure with the heat right where it's at.  I may do this two or three times (as the washcloth cools) and try to do it several times a day.

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    there is an OTC eye-drop style thing for this...i've never used it and have just dealt with it the one time i remember having one.
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    What I've also tried that seems to work for me AS a hot compress is a tea bag.  Chamomile is my favorite.  Steep it and then use it as the compress.  It's always worked wonders for me... good luck!
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    Any PCP should be able to get you in ASAP and give you intense drops.  It should take care of it right away. If your doc won't do it, start calling around!
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