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New York-Long Island

Jericho Terrace

Anyone have any reviews on this location or have you attended a wedding here?  The space is beautiful but I have some concerns about multiple weddings.  Also hoping to get feedback on the food.

Re: Jericho Terrace

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    Been to weddings there and as much as I hate places with multiple weddings, this one is the best.  I know for a fact the service, food and presentation are wonderful.  Its is a bit busy with multiple weddings, but if you have the right person in charge you are good.

    For instance, my friend was told she would be able to take her pictures at the venue in all the different locations, but to her dismay another bride was there the same time and she was unable to get certain areas to take pictures.  I'm sure this doesn't happen all the time but its something to be aware of.  She did not go anywhere else for pics as she was told she could have the use of the place and expected that but it didn't happen.  She did get pictures but it left her a bit unhappy.  Other than that the place was GREAT. 

    Good luck
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    I'm getting married at Jericho Terrace next year. I think it depends on when you are getting married meaning what day. For example me and my fi are getting married on a thursday night and we are the only wedding taking place that night :D. It will be a while before I have the tasting all of that but while I was a bridal showcase there I had some food and  drinks and it was Great!! Good luck hun

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  • saram348saram348 member
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    Im getting married at JT in about a month. Last time I checked in which was for the food tasting- I was the only wedding booked at that time on that day, they even said that if no other wedding was booked at that time that I could take pictures in the big ballroom. The food was fantastic and they were all very accomodating to dietary concerns.
    Good luck!
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    I'm getting married there in June and I love it. We have had many school functions there and the food is fantastic! I too was worried about there being many brides. For now, I know I am one of two. They said the pciture thing is not an issue at all. I think they stagger the start times to help with this. I too was told I could use an alternate room if it were empty.
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  • anniebeewedanniebeewed member
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    Attended a wedding here as a guest and walked into two wrong weddings before I found the right one. I'm sorry... just not my thing.
  • SoonToBeGenaoSoonToBeGenao member
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    I'm getting married there in October and I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone. They are so great to deal with and the food is presented so beautifully and also tastes great! We are having a saturday afternoon wedding- so I don't have to worry about other brides since its early in the day- but they did explain that they stagger them so you really shouldn't run into another bride. :)
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    Just went to a wedding here about 2 weeks ago for my good friend.  The brides definitely did not run into each other and I did not see any other bride.  But I did see other wedding guests.  I did get the feeling that they were just rushing you from one room to the next and that it is a well oiled machine and that they are a major wedding business.  It did not feel as individualized as I hoped.

    The cocktail hour was really good.  The dinner that I ordered (some sort of shrimp scampi) I did not like at all and I did not eat it.  The room and the venue was very pretty and I felt that the service was good as well.

    I hope this helps!!!!
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    My fiancé and I just booked our wedding here Saturday. So far they seem really nice and the place is really pretty. I too am concerned about multiple weddings- we booked a Friday night in July, we are the latest starting party (cocktail hour starts at 8:30pm) but there is another wedding booked for earlier that night in the room next-door.... Any advice you guys have on venders or anything for that matter would be greatly appreciated. My fiancé and I are from staten island so we are not sure about all long island has to offer for weddings!! You might wonder why we booked there?? Well we are going to be married in the church my parents were married in which is in westbury and we spoke to the people at Jericho it seemed like a great place. So again any/all help is welcome!!!!! Thanks in advance and best of luck to all on your special days!!
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    I'm also from Staten Island, my fiancé is from Brooklyn and we will most likely have our wedding at Jericho Terrace, We wanted a winter wonderland theme therefore our wedding will be in Feb. I too am totally clueless about any vendors so if you would please share any info! ;) Thank you!!! :) Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

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