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Hi!  I was reading some of your posts and when I clicked on your Knottie Name, my bio came up.  Do you know this is happening and if you can change it?  Thanks!

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  • Misty461Misty461 member
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    It did the same thing for me...must be a glitch?
  • redheadfsuredheadfsu member
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    Most people who have numbers for a name have gotten their profiles messed up b/c of the new boards. Most people's profiles have something messed up right now, like my join date is incorrect.
    But I have no idea  if it will ever be fixed.

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    Well that is me.  But I have no idea why.  I took the opportunity to change the number to a user name, so perhaps that will fix it.

    In case it doesn't show up I am now MoBfrom Canada.
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    I'm a MOD from another board (came over looking for MOB dress advice) but if your knottie name has been changed to a number, there is no sure fix for it right now - you're better off signing up with a new name. I have two brides which that happened to on my board. Also if you've lost posts or your join date has changed, those are your new numbers and that's your new join date. They aren't going to be correcting those.
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