eastern shore (easton) - where should we get ready the day of??

Hey Girls -

I'm the brides MOH - 

Currently her mom has a whole slew of rooms rented out at the Hampton Inn for guests yet I'm really not a fan of the bridal party getting ready here the day of (not that pretty, possible invasion of privacy from extended family, etc), the bride hasn't picked anywhere yet so.... I'm looking for a place that would be great for us younger ladies and good on the eyes for photos as well that I can suggest to her.

We all know Easton is a limited place... yet I'm hoping maybe someone has a suggestion. Anyone? :)

Re: eastern shore (easton) - where should we get ready the day of??

  • If you're willing to go about 15 minutes away to Grasonville, MD there is Holiday Inn Express which has a beautiful back drop on the water and a private pier.  I'm getting married September 1st and we're planning on doing our pictures pre-ceremony there.  Good luck!

  • The Tidewater Inn  has a nice bridal suite. If you are willing to spend the $$, the Inn at 202 Dover has an amazing bridal suite. You may also want to check the Bartlett Pear Inn, as their rooms are also quite pretty.

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