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Do I really need a wedding coordinator?

It seems that everyone I know that is getting married is using a coordinator. I always thought of it as an extra expense that I didn't need to spend money on but now I am starting to think twice.

If you're using a coordinator what made you decide to hire one? I'm trying to figure out if I just feel overwhelmed or if I really truly need one. Thanks!

Re: Do I really need a wedding coordinator?

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    I just hired a coordinator for the day of the wedding. The site we are getting married at requires vendors to enter one at a time and shuttle in. That means someone needs to meet them their and guide them to the site. Our coordinator is always available for chat or email and it's great to know you have someone in the industry to ask advice from.  Also I don't want to worry about whether or not the guest book or escort cards were all put out correctly. THe little details would end up driving me nuts. The coordinator will  aslo be at the entrance, helping guests find the site and making sure they are taken care of. I never realized all the things that need to be done the week of and day of the wedding. I don't want to have to ask my friends or family to do these things and I really do want to do these things. Another huge part is the my fiance and are both going to be defending our PhD's right before and after the wedding so we want to be able to focus on that rather than worry if the caterer is confirmed. Our wedding has 130 people for the consultant and an assistant we are paying $725.  Our consultant customized out package which meant we didn't have to pay for things we didn't want to. If you want to know more about this particular consultant let me know. I was just like you and didn't know if I wanted one so I with a consultant and looked around on the web and realized that for me it is worth the cost.

    Hope that helps!

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    Absolutely get one... you deserve to have fun and not worry about anything on your day. It'll be a smart investment. I need one for sure because I have a 5 month old and my entire guest list are coming from out of town. Good luck to your search!

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    I also hired one mostly for the day of.   

    She has also been great about helping me with the day-of schedule and organizing with all of my vendors, especially since most of my vendors can only talk during the work-day, which is when I'm typically working ;)  

    I initially hired one because I found a person that I clicked with and she was offering a great rate.  I personally don't have too much experience with weddings so wanted to know that everything could go smoothly the day of (instead of recruiting my mom and bridesmaids to do last minute errands).  There are great deals for brides who want day-of coordinators or more hands-off coordinators, if you are interested.  
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    One for the month of, week of or day of will be invaluable, I think.  You wouldn't believe how much more hectic it gets that close to the wedding and a good coordinator will keep it under control and take stress off you!
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    We didn't hire one but we have one of my moms former coworkers coming to oversee the set up of everything and take care of the last minute stuff. She's a elementry school teacher so she's used to organizing people and setting stuff up though it's usually class rooms. Also I don't know her so I don't feel bad putting her to work. I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything the day of myself didn't want my mom to be doing anything my aunt offered to help out but I wanted her to enjoy the party. And I didn't have the 600 dollors to pay for a day of coordinator
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    Thanks for all the info ladies! I've been looking around and I'm still on the fence. Unlike some of you guys I don't have anything major going on  - just the wedding! hahaha...

    But I can see that it would be nice not to have to think about anything at all. I guess I'll have to see if there's more money in the budget. Mrs Jawright - if you have the name of that coordinator that would be great! Thanks!
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