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wording for STD?

Hi Ladies. Happy Post-Holiday relax time... or in my case, work on a milion things I kept putting on the "I'll do it after x-mas" list.

Anyway, I need to figure out wording for the STD, and because the majority of our guests are only being invited to the reception, I want to avoid using the word wedding on it. I'm hoping you ladies will give me your opinions.

My ideas so far:

a) "please save the date to celebrate with Kirsten & Nate"
    -- might have too many "ate"'s in it?

b) "please join us as we celebrate"

c) "please save the date"

do you have any other ideas?

Also do we need to break it down with std's on who is getting invited to both ceremony & recept. or just tell everyone to save the date?


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Re: wording for STD?

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    You don't necessarily have to say anything about it at all.  Many of the STDs that I've seen just have "Save the Date," your names, the date, and city location. 

    You could also put "Kirsten and Nate are getting married!" of you want to be clear about what they're saving the date for.  It's more non-committal than "join us as we get married."  Remember, the STD shoiuldn't sound like the offical invite anyway.  You're just giving them a head's up.
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    For ours we had "Save the Date" at the top and "the wedding of Jessica and Jesse" at the bottom. Here is ours:

    And then we will have more info on the back for our guests, like our wedding website and the locations, etc. If you are putting the locations on yours and your reception and ceremony are in different places, then I would print two seperate ones for people only going to the reception.
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    I put our STD info on same card as our Christmas card at Walgreens.  I work for Walgreens so I got a really good deal. I mailed out about 80 so I saved on postage. The card was vertical and top had picture of me and FI and our dog then below it said wishing you a merry christmas then a line or two below it said Please Save the Date for Matt and Lyndseys wedding July 31, 2010 Formal invitation to follow!
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