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How many entrees?

For those offering single entrees (instead of the double).... how many entrees are you offering your guests, including vegetarian options...
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Re: How many entrees?

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    Ooh! I did stations so this isn't what I did, but as a guest I love to see as many options as possible.  Typically: beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian.   If you had to eliminate one, I'd eliminate the fish.   
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    We had 3 - beef short ribs, chicken and swordfish. We didn't have any vegetarians in attendance, but did have several piscetarians.
  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    3. I am not offering a vegetarian option, because we do not have any vegetarians coming to the wedding.
  • AZMagnini14AZMagnini14 member
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    We are doing beef chicken salmon and a vegetarian lasagna since we do have a few vegetarians. My FMIL thinks 4 is too much, but I like options and she isnt paying! Just wanted to see the general consensus... Thanks!
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  • mrsmustard12mrsmustard12 member
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    We are doing 3 total.  A vegan pasta, beef, and fish.

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    Our venue limits us to 3 options. I have a vegetarian bridesmaid (not vegan though), so I chose a vegetarian pasta dish, beef & chicken.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_food-cakes_many-entrees?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special Topic Wedding BoardsForum:23Discussion:0dcd83c6-a9a3-41c7-8992-29041c534db9Post:28bc6300-630a-476a-aa3a-74688049a37e">Re: How many entrees?</a>:
    [QUOTE]We are doing beef chicken salmon and a vegetarian lasagna since we do have a few vegetarians. My FMIL thinks 4 is too much, but I like options and she isnt paying! Just wanted to see the general consensus... Thanks!
    Posted by AZMagnini14[/QUOTE]

    I think that is fine, people like options.  We are having a beef, chicken, vegetarian and children's option.

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  • peanutty2peanutty2 member
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    I'd love to offer more options!  We only get 2 though so we're doing chicken and vegetarian. I think what you're doing sounds good, people like variety :)
  • blush64blush64 member
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    I am only doing a chicken and vegetarian. (they offer vegan but we don't have any)

    More is great but not something we were able to do.
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    I did beef,chicken,vegeterian, and kids meal
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    I wouldn't rule out meat-free options just because you don't have vegetarians coming.  If it's delicious, who cares?  I am a carnivore big time. I love me some meat. But if my options were, say, baked chicken or some sort of risotto/lasagna without meat, that would be a real contender!  I think "vegetarian dishes" just have a bad rap from years of people neglecting them and picking something lame.  =(   

    Sorry; off the soap box.  I just took day 2 of the Bar so forgive me for being a tad wacky. 
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    We're allowed three different main dishes; two will be beef and chicken dishes.  We're anticipating at least two vegetarians and two vegans, so I imagine we'll go with the only listed vegetarian-sounding option (risotto with mushrooms/spinach/fresh corn) as the third.

    If the risotto's made with animal products, we'll have to choose a different third option and/or try to cobble together enough vegetarian/vegan food from the hors d'oeuvres, antipasto table, chafing dishes, stations, and intro courses to make up for the main course.
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    We are doing three: one vegetarian, one beef, and probably one fish (although the fish option could be replaced by chicken after we go to the tastings).
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    We're having pork, chicken and vegetatrian filo pastry rolls. We did have to get everyone to pick their option in advance and almost every guest has come back saying that the food sounds so good they had trouble picking. Feel quite relieved because we had to whittle it down from about 17 options to start and the venue was pushing for us to make everyone have the same thing!
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