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My fiance and I are getting married outside this Sept.  on a site that overlooks a lake. The last outdoor wedding I went to didn't use wireless mics and it was fine, but it was also more shelterd are and a smaller crowd. We are having 220+ people and I'm concerned they might not be able to hear. Should I get a wireless mic? Can you rent them? Where can you find them? Neither our ceremony site nor pastor has one on hand.

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  • I've never been to that large of an outdoor wedding, so I've never been to one where a mic was used.    It does seem like with that many people it would be hard for everyone to hear.  So it's probably a good idea.

    Check your local party/tent  rental place.  We are renting a system from the local party/tent rental place for our reception, mostly speakers that hook to an IPOD, and when FI called they told him they had wireless mics.  
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  • Our DJ is wiring the minister and said that would be enough to hear all three of us with no feed back from numerous mic's
  • My H and the officiant were equipped with wireless mics.  You can actually see the mic in my sig below.  I would recommend it so that everyone will be able to hear what is happening.  My DJ provided the mics.
  • Get one. Nothing is more annoying than being a guest and not hearing the ceremony.

    Ask your DJ/band or any event rental place in town will have them.
  • The videographer that we're considering said that he would place wireless mics on the groom.  If you don't have a videographer, check with your DJ--they might have one, (or you could rent one).

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