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Hi Ladies,

For any of you that had your weddings or have been to weddings at Glen Sanders Mansion (or any Mansion catering weddings), what did you have as your chicken entree?  I don't have time to do a tasting, and I've never been there for a reception, so I just wanted to get an idea on what is good or not good for a chicken entree.  Any help would be great!!!  Thanks

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    we got married in August and we did the  stuffed chicken (orzo or pilaf I think, can't remember), filet mignon and chilean sea bass (not regular seas bass, I think you have to special request the chilean). Anyhow, with 106 guests, I think we had 5 chickens, 60 or so beef and 40 or so fish? Really NO ONE ate chicken!

    Everything was OUTSTANDING btw!
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    We had our reception at Hall of Springs with Glen Sanders catering.  I believe we had the chicken roulade.  It was delicious!  We didn't have time for a tasting either, because we were planning from OOT.  But it is hard to go wrong with the mansion catering.  I don't think I've ever had a bad meal there.  Hopefully that gives you some comfort!
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