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April 2013 Weddings

Your Opinion On This Pedestal

Half of my tables will have a galvanized bucket with flowers as the centerpiece, and I'm looking for a taller centerpiece for the other half.

The other day I was quoted $300 for some candlesticks. They were great and beautiful and I love them! But now I'm looking for cheaper alternatives.

I found these..

Are they too obtrusive? Will they really block vision?  I was going to fill them with flowers.

Re: Your Opinion On This Pedestal

  • I also like this


    But I feel that it's at a really bad height. Can I get away with it?
  • I was told to stay either below 14 inches or go higher than 22 inches.  Anything in between us going to block someone's vision.  I love the first one, but myabe just do 1 layer of flowers on the bottom instead of filling the whole thing.  That might work.

    The candle wouldn't be too horrible because it's thin, but it would definitely need something along the bottom to spruce it up.  I like the first one a lot better, though.
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  • I agree with pp completely - both would be pretty though!
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  • Awesome! You guys rock.
    The first one, the pedestal with bird thing, is out of stock... NOOO! That one is my uber favorite!

    Hopefully it'll be back soon.

    Thanks ladies!
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