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I'm going to vent and AW if that's ok :)


Well, my venue crapped out on us. They took our deposite and repourposed our date for another event or show or something they "just couldn't pass up" so now we're trying to recover our money and get ahold of the guy I'd been talking to.

 I feel SO BAD for my 2 bridesmaids, I haven't told them yet, but we'd planned on this date and they're from Portland and Boston respectively and I just dread telling them we have to move the date and everything :( They've been so supportive and excited. I feel so lame and crushed and dispirited by this. I don't want them to lose money on plane tickets, does that happen? Or can you switch pretty easily?IDK!

Good news is we immediately found a new (and waaaay cheaper. like 75% cheaper) place BUT they're booked for the day we'd already planned (Oct 15--they're doing Oktoberfest that weeked..understandably) SO we have to pick a new date and their rates go 50% down between Nov-Mar so we're moving the date to Nov. which I'm neverous about because it starts snowing here at that time and most of our guests (the OOTers and Texas folk from fi's side) don't even know how to drive in rain. :\ I hope it stays ok, but it might be fun for them since the ski area mountain opens that weekend too. 

Anyways. Sorry, I'm venting/stressing and re-planning. Pleh. There are pro's and cons to this change I just cringe and having to tell everyone the change, espeically.

AW: we baptized our son this weekend! YAY! here he is all cute in his white outfit. I'm on the left, godmother in the middle holding LO and Michael, my fi, on the right. :)

ALSO I just got a call that my dress came in early and will be in tomorrow afternoon, they're going to steam it for me and I can go try it on Thursday! 1st fitting! YAY!!!!!

Re: I'm going to vent and AW if that's ok :)

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    First: Thank you! I think my son is SOOO cute, but I'm more than a tad bias :P

    second: I never signed a contract w/ the venue. They sent me one by email, but I had to request it and it was after I put my deposit. In the contract it says no refunds...but I never signed it, so can I be held to it? We went and talked to them and they said again, no refunds! We asked for a recipt because it's a "non-profit" company and we'd just claim it on taxes...they got all upity and mad about it and gave us a mean copy (that said "non-refundable deposit" on it. As if trying to stop us from using it on our taxes. No dice, Fi's mom and step-dad both work for IRS, they know that it can still be used and how to do it. SO HA. His mom also told us to call the better buisness bureau and the attouny generals office and report them. Also, his step-dads brother is an attorney, we're talking to him to see if there's more we could do or if we can get the money back. His mom says to consider it lost, but it was a pricey deposit that SHE paid for. It was her contribution and I'd hate to lose it, or all of it :( I feel so bad. So, that's what I've been doing the last few days...blah :)

    Third: Nov Beast badge!? WANT!!!! I think I'll go tip-toe over to the board and feel it out :)
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