What kind of flowers are these?

I think these are lovely and just a step up from baby's breath. Anyone know what they're called?


Re: What kind of flowers are these?

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    Lilly of the valley. They are a perennial that blooms in spring in shady gardens. Wonderfully, beautifully fragrant.
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    Yes, they are lilly of the valley. I have an entire garden full of them. They smell amazing and are one of my favorite flowers.

    However, I don't think they grow locally in the California area (I have family there). They grow in the shade, in northern climates that get a full winter, with 4 distinct seasons.

    They only bloom for 1-2  weeks each spring, usually the first week of May (around Mother's Day) in my area in Michigan. However, depending on the winter and spring before, they can be thrown off by a mild winter, or harsh spring, by 1-3 weeks. I know because I pick them religiously around Mother's day, but 3 of the past 4 years they've bloomed early or late due to change in climate.

    I know that they were in the bouquet for Catherine Middleton when she wed Prince William. I'm sure they could afford them out of season. Other than that, you might want to check with local florists to see if you can get them from out of state florists (or greenhouses) local to your area when you are getting married.

    Another alternative would be silk, and I've seen some pretty realistic ones.

    Good luck.
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