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HELP!!!! Free vacation and JVl Wedding bands... scam or not??

Hey girls so these people at this wedding expo last weekend at Foxwoods called me and said that I "won" this vacation package for a 3 night 4 day stay at a windham resort in my choice or bahamas, Dominican repub and I think Costa Rica. 

They also said I won a set of wedding bands from JVL Jewelry 


I have to go to this hotel and sit WITH my fiance for a cooking demonstration. 

Has anyone else "won" a package like this OR IS IT A SCAM??
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Re: HELP!!!! Free vacation and JVl Wedding bands... scam or not??

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    Read two posts below yours titled 'Too Good To Be True?'.
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  • laure143cmmlaure143cmm member
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    I got a call like that last year when I went to my first bridal show. They hounded me forever until I just stopped picking up the phone.
  • JJAdams1224JJAdams1224 member
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    after i went to a bridal show they called me to say something similar but when they started to explain it they said that you have to jump through all of these hoops so i realized very quickly that it was a scam and told them i wasn't interested.
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    OMG I won the same package and so did 2 other girls I know. Im def feeling like this is some sort of a scam. I mean how can they afford to send all of us on a 3 day vacation to the bahamas? Plus saying that our FI has to be there is redic. Mine works retail and has to work every weekend, there is no way he would even be able to go with me. Im not going to both trying to pick up my prizes.
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  • mlprck27mlprck27 member
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    MrsHey2Be did u end up going to the demonstration tonight?  If so how did it go?
    We were supposed to go but after a long day decided against it.  Very curious if it is legit or?
  • MrsHey2BeMrsHey2Be member
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    Hello Ladies! 

    I did NOT end up going. I should have just to see what it was but instead my mom and I found her dress for the wedding so very successful day. But if they call me back I may go. I will keep y'all posted !

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    Me and my Fiancee did attend the meeting, it is not a scam but a sales pitch. They do their cookware presentation and after it is finished you get the option of the ring gift card or the vacation voucher, then you choose whether you want to buy their product or not. If you choose not to purchase their product then they give you your voucher and you may leave. If you choose to purchase one of the packages they offer, then  they give you an added voucher with a destination of your choice (5 day vacation on one of 4 islands). The packages themselves are not free (due to airplane fees and other expenses) but they are good offers and are explained in full at the meeting. 

    If you get the chance to attend one of these sessions i suggest you take advantage of it because worse thing that can happen is you walk away with a honeymoon that is worth it and does not hurt your wallet or your wedding rings paid for.
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    No it is not a scam,  we went there tonight and they do try and sell you some things but it really isnt that bad.  The guy let everyone leave who wanted to do so after the pitch.  We did not buy anything but where still given the free packet with the rings and vacation. 

    The Vacation looks like you have to jump through some hoops and invest a little money but could over all be worth it.  The reason they can afford to give everything away that they do is because they count on 1 in 4 people buying the $999-$3000 product and most people not using the gifts.  Maybe 1 in 20 couples decide to go through the trouble to go on the vacation, and with the volume of sales they do with the travel agent the vacation trip doesnt cost them as much to send you there as it would cost you yourself to book it.  What would cost us maybe $300-$400 a night probably costs them about $50.

    So if you are looking to get some things cheap and are willing to go through the trouble then by all means go and check them out.  If you think it would be more trouble than its worth then I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Hey ladies. Me and my fiance went to the cooking demo. We watched it..its not a scam..but i think itll be a little bit of a headache to get the prizes...but..if you buy the cookware itll be worth it...My father is a chef, and he's raved on it for years....they are expensive, but when you go to a store that sells cookware, you can compare the prices and i promise you wont be fooled...So me and my Fiance decided to buy the 10 pice cookware, and they gave us all the prizes attatched.  When i receive my cookware ill review and post on them if anyone want to know.!!!
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    I went to it. It is not a scam, it's a sales pitch for cookware. We ended up getting the cookware. It's the BEST cookware EvER. We did get the trip and the wedding bands. Just go and listen. We actually had a good time!
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    Just got the call myself, I am going to attend this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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    What is this company called? I'm somewhat interested in it. If not for the cookware or the vacation, it should at least make for an interesting "date night".
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    I had the same feeling about it. You win all of this things but if it is the royal prestige dinner 4 two. It is legit I went to it and I have all the things it is not like a gift I see it more like a discount because if you are going to pay for a flight and actually use this things you will probably want a longer vacation.

    I still hadn't registered them or use them but it is not a scam is just a way for them to get you to go to the cooking demo. I ended up buying their product which isn't cheap but it is pretty awesome
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    I just got a call from them and I was wondering the same thing. After reading all of the comments I may just go to see it for myself.
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    Hello ladies, I too recieved the same call, and went to the demo's. its not a scam, like everyone else said you just have to jump through some hoops. I ordered my rings from jvl and recieved them.. they look great. great service and shipping didnt have one problem. we have not tried to use our vacation yet tho. So i dont know much about that. but over all not a scam... However i woudnt buy anything from the demo's but it was intresting.
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    Hey did you ever go to the honey moon?
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    did you like the cookware?
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    Hey I ordered his band from JVL Jewlery and we got it, and my hubby loves it- we got the same promo. We did NOT do the vacation because that one seems hard to truly get- way too many hoops. But i got his ring about 10 months ago and there was nothing more to do but pay shipping!

    its an awesome ring btw
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    OK this thread smells to high heaven of spam. There are way to many posters NOT from CT dying to share the benefits of this sketchy sounding program. The fact this thread was even brought back to life makes me wary.
  • no scam guys. my fi and i went to the demo. its just a demo about cookware.  there is no obligation to buy anything and you do get your prizes without any obligation to purchasing the cookware.  however, if you do decide you like the cooware and you do want to buy it is very pricey but with a lifetime warranty. they want you both there to make that decision together that is all.  The flutes are nice with free engraving all you pay is shipping of 20. bucks. most places charge 20 bucks just for engraving. the rings are same free all u pay is shipping. the vaca package is all inclusive. all you pay is taxes and travel. you get a choice of vaca or rings but if you purchase any cook ware you get both. if you dont purchase any cook ware you still get the flutes coupons and choice of vaca or rings.
    hope this helps! 
    liza in kingsviile, tx
  • Just wanted to let everyone know I got the call this week and plan on going tomorrow. The links she gave me took me to jvl jewlery. The trip website she gave took me to wyndam hotels.

  • Ok this really wasn't so bad. We got to the hotel, signed in, and sat down. There were about 10 couples. A guy came in and told us about our prizes and our prize options. So then he cooked us vegetables and chicken in his pot and skillet. The speaker was actually pretty funny. He made jokes while explaining about cookware. I have to admit after the presentation I really wanted to buy the set but couldn't fine it in my heart to spend the money. The speaker also showed their knives and china. So basically you can pick a set and get about $500 off retail prices. The 10 piece was about $3000 and the 7 piece was about $2500. They also had a 5 piece that was like $1700. If you purchased a set you got to choose free knives (cooking and 4 steak knives) or 4 place setting of china + glassware package free. If you buy a package you get an additional 2 nights stay if you choose the vacation. You choose either a usa hotel stay or an out of country all inclusive stay. They do not pay airfare. If you choose the vacation you do not get to choose the voucher for 2 free rings from jvl jewlery. If you do not purchase anything you still get to choose between crystal toasting glasses or service pieces. AND you also get to choose between the rings and the trips. My fiance and I choose the crystal glasses and the in country vacation. It was no pressure sales and not a long presentation plus you get free food. I highly suggest you attend one of these if you can.
  • NOPE not a scam. I got my wedding bands from them and me and my FH love them!
  • Well the vacation is a timeshare thing that I am not interested in, BUT the JVL wedding bands are legit. I redeemed my gift card at checkout and it worked. All I had to pay for was s&h. I would recommend them to all my friends. https://www.jvljewelry.com/
  • Well I cannot vouche for the free vacation. I just got my jvl jewelry gift card for my wedding bands. I ordered from the titanium collection that they have. I even got engraving. My engraving was an extra charge so note that if you plan on getting it. The gift card covered both of the rings and i paid S&H. My fiancé and I are happy with our rings and sitting through a demonstration is totally worth it. Here is their site if you are curious about them. JVLjewelry.com 
  • For sure not a scam. I got my rings from jvl and paid just for the shipping and handling. Not a bad deal at all. :)
  • Hi all, I placed my order with jvl jewelry about three days ago. I purchased my rings with a gift card and when I redeemed my gift card it cover the cost of both my wedding bands! I thought this is just too good to be true. All I had to pay for was the shipping? How awesome was that. I checked my statement to see if there were any hidden fee's or anything but im in the clear. Cant wait to get them.
  • Okay so I am on the same page as Ms. Lance. I was NOT interested in the "vacation" which is a time share, but I still got to have my free gift card from jvl jewelry. To my suprise there was no catch to this sweet deal. Before paying anything I asked one of the customer service reps what this gift card was all about and she gave me the info. Basically it's the cost for both wedding bands and all i am responsible to pay for is the S&H. Okay! I took advantage of this. Now my fi and I have two beautiful wedding bands from them.
  • I ladies just wanted to share my jvl experience with you all because some may think its a scam, but its not. I really did use my girft card and just paid for the shipping. It really helped us save on our really tight budget that we already had. So if you have the gift card I would say give a try and see how you like their rings. Personally i love mine :)
  • Hello ladies i just wanted to share my jvl experience with you all. I had the same gift card and its not a scam. I ordered my rings and i love them. We only paid for the shipping and it really helped stay within our already tight budget. If you have a gift card from them i would say go ahead use it and see how you like their rings. Personally I love them.
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