We went to pick out our linens today and I was stumped!  I picked black because I thought a dark color would look best in that venue, but now I"m second-guessing.  We are going for a loungy, cocktail kind of feel with some high tops, etc.  I guess my question is - have you ever been to an event here? If so, do you have pictures? or have you come across a blog in your photog stalking?  I can't freaking find pictures from any events here to get an idea of what looks good!  Waaaa!

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    I havent seen any photos there either, but I can't wait to see yours cause I loveeee the space.. If I didnt have the whole "out of town relatives needing to be close to everything" thing, I totally would have had our reception there.
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    Hey Jess,

    Have you had a walk through at Artesano yet? We were thinking of doing a sage green, but not a hundred percent yet. I am in the same boat as you. I was thinking of just doing another walk through to figure out what to do about lighting and colors.
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    My google-fu brought me to this blog post from Sandor Welsh:

    They did brown table cloths...maybe that helps!
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    I actually called one of the owners, who is great with decor (why didn't I think of calling BEFORE our linen meeting?) and he thinks we should do copper tablecloths for the cocktail hour and do a pewter for the tables upstairs.  Our colors are black, white, ivory & metallics so it works out perfectly and he thinks it will look really great.  Phew!
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