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Gel Nails

So I got my nails done for my bday a few weeks ago. Acrylic tips and gel...cool. Less than 4 days later, the nails were starting to pull up in the corners of the bed. I chipped one off, and 2 fell off. So I bought a gel kit and fixed them last week. Some of them (even the original) are pulling up again. Anyone have this issue?
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Re: Gel Nails

  • Are you exposing them to extreme  heat? I had this problem when I carved the turkey at Thanksgiving, and the steam made the gel peel up. Had no problems before that. No ideas to fix it, though. I heard if they are not set under the light long enough that can happen.
  • I've had gel nails twice now and each time I had issues with the corners - they are so thick- and when I had my nails under the light - the polish kind of pooled a bit on the sides and it just got gross.  I'm never doing them again - for the price they should be amazing. :)
  • Weird!  I actually just got my first gel manicure 9 days ago, and haven't had any problems at all.  In fact, there's only one small chip in one nail, which is amazing considering I run an auto repair shop (this is why I don't normally get my nails done).  IDK why the corners would be lifting up unless you were exposing to extreme heat like PP said.  Maybe the polish didn't cure correctly?

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  • I ONLY get Gel nails -- have for over 2 years and have NEVER had a problem -- until I went to a place who's lights weren't new -- and it was just a gel overlay -- and not actual building up of gel.  It may be the way they did the gel -- from the sound of it!
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  • Yeah, try a different nail salon. My gels lasted for weeks in perfect condition.
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