January 2013 Weddings

All Done

Ive got everything done except 4 the brides maids dresses and the maid of honor's dress. talk about difficult 2 find. 

Re: All Done

  • That's so impressive.  I've made no progress in the last few weeks.

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  • I'm stagnating also.  Just cannot find a JP that I feel like we're connecting with.  Ugh!   Once we (finally) get that squared away, it's time to find a DJ and then we're really done with all the big stuff. 
  • I'm basically all done too! I don't know what to do with myself. I just need to order the cake... which for January, won't be too difficult. I even have my bridesmaids gifts... January better hurry up :) 
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  • So jealous! :) Congrats!
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  • So jealous of you organized brides. Thankfully I have a truly great MOH who loves to keep reminding me of all the things I should be doing!
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  • ok, wedding has been bumped 2 May, 2013. unfortunately the kids's schedule was a conflict that we couldnt resolve. so we opted 2 go with a spring wedding. which will still work. Now i can have an outdoor wedding.
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