Popcorn Bar

Has anyone done a popcorn bar or used popcorn on a sweet and saltyntablenat the reception? If so, where did you get your popcorn? Thanks!!

Re: Popcorn Bar

  • We're considering doing one. If we do, we'll be renting a popcorn maker from our caterer and having it made fresh.
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  • Sounds awesome. I noticed that the company we plan to use fro dinnerware also rents popcorn machine and sells popcorn.
    Good Luck
  • I was also thinking about doing a popcorn bar with a local company who does amazing popcorn in tons of flavors, but I was thinking of maybe going the bagged route instead of the bar, because I was thinking it could get stale sitting out on a table all night, but I could be wrong? Has anyone had a popcorn bar before or been to a wedding with one who could comment?
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