AW: So nice to check things off!

Set a date and booked a venue (3 weeks ago or so).

Booked a photographer (Jennifer Lamoreau), set a date for 
engagement shoot, mailed the first check to her.

Bought this lantern at TJMaxx in Bangor, and did a dry run for
 the leaf decorations.  Pretty happy with it, but will also try just 
doing a border around each pane of glass.  Need to have FI cut
 a card slot in it.

Annnnd, ordered the blank invitations tonight.  Went with all three, 
my plan is to  leave the RSVP postcard front blank, and ask 
guests to mail back advice, a  memory, stick figures, etc.  I'll 
make a book of them at some point.



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Re: AW: So nice to check things off!

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