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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in July?!?!?!?

So after many months of researching and talking to people my fiancé and I decided on a honeymoon in Costa Rica.  It has everything from beaches to hiking to white water rafting and canopy tours all with in an hour of the resorts, perfect for a trip full of romance and adventure!  UNTILL I was realized that all the hotels rates said July was low season, when I asked why they told me it was the rainy season....My question is how bad is the rain? 15-20min of rain in the afternoon while its sunny is one thing.  Cloudy and icky everyday is another.  Has anyone been to Costa Rica, specifically Manuel Antonio area in July?  How was it? Is it worth going?
Is there someplace just as fun with out the risk or bad weather you would suggest?

Thanks for the help.....were getting close to decision time :)  

Re: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in July?!?!?!?

  • We stayed in Manuel Antonio at the end of June/ beginning of July this summer and loved it.  Although weather is unpredictable, June and July are at the beginning of rainy/ "green" season so there's generally not as much rain as, say in September.  While we were there it was sunny almost every morning until early afternoon around 2pm or so when the clouds would start rolling in.  Then there would be about an hour or 2 of rain (sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes thunderstorms), but it usually cleared up again pretty quickly.  I've also heard and read that there is sometimes a mini-summer in mid to late July, but I don't know much about that. 

    If you have your heart set on MA, Costa Rica then don't let the rain stop you.  MA is beautiful with lots of wildlife and activities, and as long as you plan most of your excursions in the morning then you'll probably be fine.  All of the locals kept telling us that green season is the best time to go because prices are lower (we literally saved hundreds of dollars on hotels!), it's not as hot and humid, it's WAY less crowded with tourists, and everything is lush and green.

    Since it's a rain forest, it does rain often.  Sometimes it can rain all day and sometimes it doesn't rain at all.  While we were there, most of the time it was like clockwork, but we did have one day where it didn't rain and another where it thunderstormed throughout the entire evening, so you really can't count on it.  Just keep in mind that even if you went during dry season it would still probably rain often.  Anyway, I hope this helps!            

  • dh took me there for a week for my birthday a few years ago. we were just north of MA. it rained it the afternoons for a bit. that was it. i can't say that that's how your weather will be but I believe that's pretty average for that time of year in that area.


  • My fiance and I went to Manuel Antonio, CR two summers ago the week after 4th of July, and it was absolutely beautiful. We had little rain, but when it did, it was light and right before dusk.  I highly recommend it, and there are plenty of things to do. It was that trip that made me rethink living in the States!!
    Best of luck!

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  • GO! I was there from the end of June to early July 2008.  It was wonderful! You get better deals during this time period and as PP said everything is lush and green and absolutely beautiful.  you will not regret going to Manuel Antonio... it's gorgeous! Have fun planning! 
  • Thank you everyone for your help now any ideas on hotels? After reading darn near every post about CR I am thinking a few days at Paradisus Playa Conchal and then down to MA but I dont know where to stay there.  We dont need high end.  We are more of a fairfield inn couple than hilton.....any ideas?
  • For Manuel Antonio we stayed at Parador.  The Mariposa is an easier access... 
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