Fears and Expectations on hiring a DJ

I am a DJ seeking information from brides who plans to hire a DJ for her wedding. I want to understand todays brides needs and concerns, when hiring a DJ.


What are your fears of hiring a DJ?


What are your expectation of a DJ?

Please be specific as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Fears and Expectations on hiring a DJ

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    My biggest fear with hiring a DJ is that s/he will not play all the music I specifically request. Or that perhaps they will not play a particular (requested) song for the right moments.

    I expect a DJ to ask the right questions and know what the flow of my reception is. If I forget to ask, I hope they will remember to ask me. I also expect a DJ to do what they say they will and have all the music they promised.

    Additionally, if my overall vibe is a jazzy, sultry, sophisticated theme and this is the music we've discussed, I do NOT expect them to play Macarena or 2 Legit 2 Quit. NOT a good look! LOL

    But overall... I want someone who is honest about their limitations and professional.
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    I once went to a wedding where I heard several variations of "Twist and Shout" played multiple times each. I would expect from ANY dj that they have a variety of songs, but do not play any song more than once, including variations of a song.
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    While I'm using a band for my wedding reception, I've been to weddings where the DJ spent each "break" in between songs to sell himself.  Naming yourself mutiple times in the evening is cheesy.  It's the couple's day, not yours.  Just keep that in mind.  If you do a great job and keep it low key on your mic comments, it will go a long way and people will seek you out. You don't have to advertise during the reception. ;o)
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