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Did you know when it was coming or what is a complete surprise?

I have a friend who knows the exact date that she's getting engaged. While I know some couples just know that's it's coming (like I did), did you know the exact timing of it? and Does it matter to you? Just curious as to what other people's opinions are! :)

Re: Did you know when it was coming or what is a complete surprise?

  • My fiance and I have been engaged since last March. I knew that he was thinking about it (he told me the Oct before that he was sure he was going to ask me, he just wasn't ready yet).

    Funnily enough, the proposal itself was still a shock ;)... I've overcome a lot of self esteem issues through the years but some remain - even though I knew it was coming - the shock was that he actually chose me (its late here, can't figure out the wording for what I want to say).

    He got really stressed in Feb... I knew something was up but he wouldn't talk about it. Finally he did... he'd been designing a ring for me but got worried I wouldn't like it, so wanted to run it past me - and in all honesty - it was beautiful, and the thought floored me... but it wasn't me. It was something he'd have to pay $3k for (!) so he decided to run it past me first. We agreed to go window shopping together then him pick something.

    In March, he surprised me with the question, then we went ring shopping together the next day. I wouldn't change how any of it happened at all :)

  • My fiance and I talked about the future and getting married a lot. He asked my parents for their blessing in early Feb, which I thought was so sweet, but still had no idea when he would actually propose. I knew it'd happen in the next few months, but never knew the exact timing. On his birthday, the day before Valentine's Day, he proposed. I had no idea he would propose then, but am so happy with the way it happened. He's a bit of a romantic and I love that man to death. I wouldn't change the way it happened for anything.
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  • I knew it was coming because I accidentaly found my ring (we live together) so I knew he was going to propose but he didn't until almost 5 months after he bought it!  So every holiday that went by I thought he was going to do it and I would be disappointed when he didn't so I just gave up!  And when he finally did it I was actually surprised I didn't see it coming that night!
  • It was a complete surprise until maybe 5 minutes before I got suspicious.  I seriously had no clue.  His dad was very sick and I thought he couldn't think of anything else.  Fortunately, his dad made it to the wedding. 
  • We'd talked about it plenty of times before, but when it actually happened even he didn't know it was coming! lol He asked me all over again with a ring soon after- so I guess technically I guess I knew? Smile

  • I knew it was coming b/c H was in town for the weekend and while he stayed with me, he was gone a lot. And prior to that he had asked me things like "was I sure if I wanted to be with him?" I didn't think he was just asking me those questions for the heck of it.

    And the night he proposed, both of our families were there. And my little sister actually ended up guessing what he was going to do since it was the perfect opportunity. And yes, she was correct.
  • He told me about 3 months before that he was going to on our anniversary.
    I'm not good at feelings.

  • We both knew that we wanted to get married at some point, but I honestly did not expect the proposal; I assumed it was going to be a while before he actually popped the question, so I was completely floored when it happened sooner than I expected.  I couldn't be happier with how and when.  We hadn't even talked about rings either, jewelry is not something that I wear a lot of or think a lot about.  I knew he had a family ring (although I had never seen it) and he knew that I had a family stone to be used whenever we wanted.  He opted for the family ring and it is even more beautiful than anything we could have bought or designed!  
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    I had no idea it was coming.  I was sorta hoping, and we'd vaguely talked about it, but I was hell bent to not push him in any way- his parents were doing enough pushing for both of us.

    He bought the ring and talked to my parents in early February, but was waiting for the right time.  It took til early March for him to find the right moment, and it was perfect.  Apparently, though, and I didn't find this out til afterward, literally everyone in our lives knew about it before I did- my two best friends kept the secret for three weeks, which I know almost killed both of them.  One actually avoided me for the three weeks leading up to the proposal because she was so scared she'd slip!  All his friends knew, all my friends knew, our families both knew.  I still can't believe everyone I know is so good at keeping secrets!
  • My FI had asked me to pick out a ring and had kinda told me he was doing his research. So, I knew it would be coming up sooner than later, but I have NO idea exactly when.  It was really funny because I kept getting excited when we would like go out on a nice date or something.

    They way he did it though made it a complete surprise and I never would have guessed it was actually coming the day it did :)
  • I was surprised with the proposal but I knew it would happen sooner or later. It was kinda funny because about 2 months before he proposed I got emotional and was like do you ever want to get married...I wasn't giving an ultimatum at all but I was just curious (we've been together for 5 and 1/2 years) and he told me after he proposed that when we were having that conversation he just kept laughing in his head because he had it all planned out. He also felt bad and wanted to tell me then but he's happy he didn't. He did it in his own way when he felt it was right.

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  • We discussed marriage, hypothetical situations, and where I saw myself after graduation in December, but I did not know the proposal would happen when and where it did. It was just at his house one morning as I walked in the door. Nothing fancy, but I was completely caught off guard. I'm a very detail oriented, organized person who plans out every minute of the day so the fact that he surprised me meant the world.  
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  • I knew it was coming sometimes in the next several months (back when he asked, lol) and we were going away for the weekend, but I honestly didn't know for sure or anything... until as we're getting in the car to leave his parents and his mom tells me!!! 

    Yup, I kind of think she did it on purpose b/c she wanted to reveal the surprise herself...  I was rather upset she ruined it being a surprise for me.  The proposal was still beautiful, but the element of surprise was completely gone.

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  • I knew it was coming eventually but I was not sure when. I had a hunch but I tried not to get to curious because I liked the element of surprise.
  • My FI sucks with surprises... He just cannot keep a secret from me (which is adorable) but it's a bummer when I figure stuff out and know what to expect. So far he has been great at keeping my (August) birthday gift a secret and I have tried to control myself and not asked about it because I actually want to be surprised lol 
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    i haven't actually got a proposal or ring yet.. so i wouldn't know how to answer this. we talked about it and said we were getting married set a date. i'm just waiting for the ring now.. and the proposal (he said he was going to do an auctal proposal once he gets the ring)

    p.s excuse my spelling if i missed spelled something... i am so  so so so tired and my brain is not working
  • We had picked out the diamond and setting and I knew he had put a deposit on the ring but I wasn't sure when he was going to pay it off and pick it up.  (In fact, one day he called me at work and was all mushy-gushy and I had no clue until he told me later, that during that call he was on his way to pick up my ring).  We went to visit my parents and I knew he wanted to talk to them but I didn't know he had done so.  We went out to lunch one day and I wondered if the proposal was coming but I decided "Nah."  Then we start walking along a scenic spot and he starts hugging on me really hard and choking up and says he has something for me...and the rest is history :-)

    Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
  • Mine was a total surprise. I knew that eventually it would be coming. But the way he did it, I was amazed because he's not the kind of guy who wants to draw attention to himself.

    We were at a close friend's house celebrating New Years. We were each doing our own thing, he was playing cards and drinking with his buddies, I was sitting with my girlfriends and eating and watching tv and drinking. Right before 11:30, my best friend had said to me "don't you think you should stop drinking?", and I gave her a look like "you're kidding right". Well, midnight comes and we're all hugging and kissing and everything, and then he gets everyone's attention, gets me to stand in the center of the room, and gets down on one knee. Well, I didn't even know what to think, I just started crying. He asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes. He had gone and told everyone he was going to propose at midnight and kept me out of the loop, so everyone knew what was going to happen. Happiest moment of my life, and started my new year off on the right track!

  • I knew when it was coming.
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  • My fiance and I just got engaged 5 days ago on our anniversary.  We have talked about getting married for over a year now and back in January we went to the jeweler so I could get sized and show him what I liked but honestly when he proposed I was in complete shock.  I knew it was coming eventually, (I was thinking sometime this year), but had no idea it would happen on our anniversary.  It was amazing and I still feel like I'm living in a dream!
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  • I knew he would propose that weekend.  But the exact where/when/how was a surprise.
  • I picked out my ring after being together for 9 months.  I didn't get my ring for another 2 years for financial reasons.

    I did know the day it was coming because he had wrapped the box and took pictures of it every day for a week before my birthday.  Then the night before my birthday he crawled in bed and said so are you ready to be a Mrs and handed me the box.

    I wish I didn't know anything about it prior and I wish I didn't know where he hid it.  But it was still cute and no frills which is me.
  • I knew we were going to get engaged but I didn't know when.  I was hoping before 2010 ended - we went away on Christmas Eve to New Years Day and I told everyone it wouldn't happen on vacation b/c I pack everything and how could he hide it from me.  Well he kept it in his jacket pocket until one night we went out for dinner.

    It was supposed to happen a month before but the weather didn't cooperate.  I am glad when it did happen b/c we had a few days left of vacation to really enjoy the moment.

    So to answer your question I knew it was coming but was surprised when it did.
  • I knew it was coming because we bought the ring together, but I had no idea when. We went to the bahamas shortly after for his birthday, but was convinced that because it was his birthday trip (I surprised him with it) and it was a little "cliche" he wouldnt do it there. I was wrong, happily :) It was perfect, and I had no idea it was coming! He proposed to me at the end of his birthday dinner the day after his actual birthday, it was perfect! Wonderful dinner, beautiful clear ocean view with floor to ceiling windows. He told me he wanted to do it on his birthday, but I am glad that he didnt. That is his day.
  • Me and my FH have been together since we were 15 && were about to be 23. We recently got engaged on 05/04/2011 and i was shocked. I knew it would eventually happen as we are both open about the fact we want to spend our lives together, but we are currently in the process of buying our first home at the end of the year, so he made it VERY clear to me that an engagment was out of the question until we got in the house and settled. 
    Well apparently this was all just a plan to make me give up hope on getting a ring. Little did i know he had his own idea and was able to completly surprise me. && im glad he did.. because i normally HATE surprises! :) So now we are trying to get in a house and plan our dream wedding for March 2013! Laughing
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  • MandK9MandK9 member
    I knew it was coming.  He's not good at being unpredictable.  But I will NEVER tell him that I saw it coming a mile away.  He thinks I was completely surprised and caught off guard, and I don't want to burst his bubble-- he's so cute.
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