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New York-Long Island


Anyone know of some bands on long island that play 70', 80's and 90's music and maube sopme country too. ANy suggestions on who or where to search for people would be great. Thanks


  • Check out Rhapsody or Artificial Flavor- they are both amazing and do weddings!

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  • Soul Revival!!! They played our wedding and were amazing! Their website is: www.soulrevivalband.com Also, I agree with PP about having your entire name on board :-) Best of luck!! Rose
  • I highly recommend Vision - they're with Franklin Wayne Music.

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  • My daughter used Latham Road.  They're 6 pieces and one of the best Long Island cover bands and were very reasonably priced.  Two of them played acoustic during the cocktail hour then the full group had everyone dancing all night!  Great song selection kept the youngsters and older folks entertained. The band website is www.lathamroad.com

  • I have heard from a few couples about Latham Road. We saw them perform recently and they play all of these genres. They play mostly in Nassau and Suffolk
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