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My bridesmaid plans to get married 2 weeks before I do. Would you be weirded out?


Re: My bridesmaid plans to get married 2 weeks before I do. Would you be weirded out?

  • Bride wars!  Jk.  I would be a little weirded out too.  You obviously know your friend more than anyone on here so you're probably not going to get the advice your looking for.  If she is high maintenance/bridezilla then maybe she is just doing it to make you mad.  But it also could just be the best date for her.

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    No, I wouldn't.  She isn't obligated to take anyone else's availability into consideration when planning her wedding date, same as you.  For all you know she asked her venue for a date in summer and two weeks before your wedding was the only date they had available.  That's how our date was finalized--venue and officiant availability.  I'm sure yours was too.

    Don't be a date hog.  This summer, my BFF was a BM in my wedding and was either in or at 10 others.  It's just that time of life where lots of ppl get married.  It's ridiculous to think that other people in your life won't get married around the same time you do, especially in the busy summer wedding season.   So you need to get over all of this ASAP.

    As a fellow law student, I totally sympathize with the stress.  But let me give you some general advice: don't stress about the wedding.  Focus on law school instead.  DH and I planned maybe 10% of our wedding so that I could focus on law school, which has much more staying power than the color of the cocktail napkins.  Remember, the wedding (hers and yours) is just one day, but your law school performance has much longer staying power.  Don't lose your perspective here.  

    Also, totally play the law school card to get out of the wedding if she's this demanding.  Hopefully she'll come back to earth but you never know.
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    Wow, this sounds's exactly what I am experiencing right now! I am getting married in April and my friend is getting married in March-- two weeks before my wedding. I, too, am the MOH. I completely understand what you are going through (sans the bar-- bless your heart).

    You were very smart in being upfront with your friend about the rehearsal dinner, etc. She still has time to choose another MOH. Explain to her what your able to do and suggest that she think over her choice of MOH.
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