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Last minute advice?

So I'm getting married in three days (gah I can't believe it has popped up so quickly) and I'm getting nervous that I have forgotten something small but significant that needs to be done. I followed theknot checklist and made about a million of my own, but if you feel inclined, please leave a note to let me know if you can think of anything that you forgot/almost forgot. Or just general advice. Thanks ladies!

Re: Last minute advice?

  • My advice at this point is for you to relax and just stay in the moment.  Gather everything you need according to your lists and just be done with it.  At this point, it is what it is.  These next few days, and the wedding day, will fly by so fast.  The best advice I got was to stay in the moment, and that was my mantra for those days and it really kept me calm and kept me from obsessing too much over something that was going to happen a few days in the future. 
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  • Hmm, the only thing I forgot was the necklace I was planning on wearing. Since I don't really care for it (family piece that my MIL passed on to me when we got engaged), and I was really only planning on wearing it out of a sense of obligation, I think my forgetting it was probably a Freudian slip.

    Yeah, at this point, relax and enjoy the moment. And wear comfy endies.
  • Pee backwards!  As in facing the wall.  So very much easier.

    And just have fun.  If something happens that you can't control (like your flowers show up and you hate them) take a minute to have a little bridezilla hissy fit (away from everyone) and then just go with it.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Oh yeah Mag is right!  I wore Spanx under my dress but by about 10pm that night, I was dying to take them off and had no decent undies to put on instead!  So I agree with her, have an extra white or nude colored pair of undies just in case.
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  • Relax, but not too much.  You don't want to fart.  Nobody likes a stinky bride.
  • I have no advice, but congratulations :)  Have a wonderful day!!
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  • One thing that kind of blew up in my face was the reserved table situation.  I have two divorced parents who can't stand each other, etc.

    I spent 3 hours sitting down the night before and tried to work out a seating arrangement that would Bride and Groom's side for the reserved tables.  I was so frustrated, I just said F it and let them figure it out.

    Big mistake, no one (parents, brother in law, grandmas knew where to sit, so the only person sitting at the 3 reserved tables was my dad and stepmom (the venue set up way too many extra tables).  Everyone else just sat where they wanted and FMIL actually sat with a bunch of my friends from college!

    Everyone was fine, they said it was no big deal, but I did feel terrible. 

    I guess the advice here would be pick and choose what is important and what you can and cannot control for all those last minute things!  Good luck!

  • I forgot to bring my RD jewelry with me.

    Honestly, anything you forget between now and the wedding is probably not very important, and there will be a million people nearby who care about you and can help with any last minute details.

    Have an awesome time!!!
  • Print up a list of every vendor and their contact information and make your your moh has it.

    I was a BM this summer and the florist was late and no one had her number so they were calling her daughter and searching in their church directory at the last minute and it was needlessly stressful.
  • Thank you everyone! I'm getting really excited, and I appreciate all the advice. I will definitely wear comfy undies! And also, peeing backwards is an interesting piece of advice! I can't say I would have thought of that! 
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