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Let's talk about "submission."


Re: Let's talk about "submission."

  • Hello everyone,

    When we first started dating (5 years ago) I very much made most decisions...later it started getting sort of annoying and became a legitamate concern of mine. I knew we would one day be getting married (November 3,2012), and I wanted FI to be the godly man he was supposed to be ...my responsibility as a godly wife was realized later ;)...

    So in short, I view him being the decision maker as a huge RELIEF! I NEED him to be a strong decision maker and have confidence in his ability to do so...we're new at operating in our relationship under these terms so there's a lot yet to be done through prayer and reading of the Word, but at least we know what we should be doing in comparison to what our tendencies are...now we just need to train ourselves to align those tendencies with the biblical responsibilities we have! And honestly...I'm excited!

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