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Does anyone know of a good wedding band for 6k or less?


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  • I'm not sure which bands we looked at would fall under 6k for a June wedding...But some places to start:
    We looked into the Rich Posmontier Ensemble.  Ended up not quite what we wanted but they were good.   I'm pretty sure the FM Band is also in that price range, even in June.  We also really liked the Urban Guerilla Orchestra, but I don't remember their pricing.
    We're going with the Don Eaton Band, who I am super psyched about!  But I think they would be over 6k in June...

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  • I highly recommend 2nd Vision. They played at my wedding and people are still talking.They were awesome!!!! We paid around $6,000.00 for a 10 piece band.  I am sure if you dont want 10 piece the price would be lower. I also added ceremony music as well.
    You should check them out.
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  • We used 747 Orchestra and they were OUTSTANDING!!  Their energy, songs they played and excitement they created on the dance floor was beyond what we expected
  • David Christopher Band!
  • Ive heard good things about these bands im checking into prices now
     band  purple reign
    central park  the band
    Rich Posmontier
     Melanie Rice
    Bigg Romeo
     Vibe Tribe

  • Chico's Vibe is a very talented band for weddings and gets all generations up and dancing. I'm not sure what their rate is but here's the link:
  • Lima Bean Riot is awesome
  • Oh Lima Bean Riot quoted me $5500 for a July wedding btw
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