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Bridesmaids dilemna

So I have 8 girls in my wedding party family, 2 friends and my f'iance's 2 sisters. 8 is more than I would have wanted my bridesmaid party to be before thinking 6 or 7, but I wanted to extend the invitation to my f'iance's sisters. His half sister I did not include because I never see her and don't really know her at all. Now after his mom said it was cool before (that his half sister was fine with it), she called him and bascially asked him if he would ask me to include her in the bridal party, and that his half sister's feelings "seem" to be hurt. After before she specifically said it ok! 9 bridesmaids is way too many for me personally! This has been really stressing my f'iance and I out, because if I don't include her I look the bad guy. Any advice?

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    I don't think you look like the bad guy at all and should stick to your guns.  I say that but I did give into my brother when he complained that I didn't include his step- daughter.  I felt like it was just not worth it. I know his step-daughter really well so it was totally different.  if she is really so hurt and you decide to care then maybe have her read something??
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  • I'm having 9 BM's... what makes you say that 9 is "too many" for you? 

    Honestly, not asking all of your FI's sisters was a bad move. IMO you should have asked all of them or none. Doesn't matter if she's a half-sister, full, step, whatever. She's still your FI's sister - she's still family. You've now put yourself in a position where if you don't ask her, you look like a jerk because you purposefully excluded her, and if you do ask her, you look like a jerk because you asked out of pity. Tough call. That is why I asked all of my sisters, both biological and step, to be BM's (despite the fact that that would take me up to 9 BM's) and none of FI's sisters since he has 5. It's not worth hurting family's feelings because you don't like the numbers. 

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  • I think that you should do what feels right for you. I've learned while planning my wedding that if you try to please everyone else besides yourself then you are going to be miserable! You could have her read a scripture or something or maybe a flower pinner?
  • My sister is my MOH and my step-sister is not in the bridal party at all. We're close and I love her but we don't have "that" kind of relationship. She is in no way offended or upset. I think you need to do what you feel most comfortable with. I know everybody gets pissy on here whenever someone says, "it's my day" but truly, you need to be ultimately happy with how your wedding turns out.

    Also, I get why you may feel like 9 is too much if you're having a small wedding and a small ceremony space.
  • Yes.. I think that's what it is my MIL is more upset than his half sister annoying more money I would have to put out just to make her happy! ( If I decide to)
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