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Wedding Reviews 9/4

First Congregational Church of Yarmouth- A, Rev Phil Jackson was amazing, the church was beautiful, overall it was a great place. The only issue I had was that the wedding coordinator was a little crazy & high maintenance.

Harbor Point- A+++++++, I cannot say enough about Bob and Harbor point, everyone raved about the food, and I he was so easy to work with! The view was beautiful  and the staff were great. They stayed on schedule all night & it was a great time.

A Perfect Picture(Tricia Leclair)- A++++++, my photos are still being published & I cannot say enough about Tricia, It was like she was just another friend hanging out with us. I don’t even know how she got so many amazing pictures, and Im usually very picky about finding good pictures of myself.

CapeTunes- A, easy to work with & kept the dance floor packed, all I could have asked for

Petals by the Sea- B, the only reason Im giving her a B is that sometimes it was really hard to get in touch with her. We only did bouts & bouquets, but they were gorgeous!

First Student- A, We used them for a shuttle bus for the wedding guests. They were great, easy to work with & stayed on time.

Krazy Kakes-A, We did 2 cakes, the regular wedding cake(looked like 3 tiffanys boxes stacked) and the grooms cake(which looked like a bottle of beer) the cakes tasted great & looked exactly like I asked for.

Tidewater Inn- A, This was where we stayed all weekend. They gave us a private room to use the night before the wedding to hang out. They had a BBQ area that we all hung out in all day, and they had a gorgeous view for preceremony photos!

My piece of advice for a good experience with your vendors- Choose a vendor who’s style & portfolio you love. Give them some guidance & let them do what they do best. Most of these vendors are doing an art(photography, cake design, flower design, etc) and when you let an artist follow their inspiration you tend to get a better result.

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