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How do you ask guests for cash gifts?

I'm kind of embarrassed to put that on our invites, but we are having a destination wedding and don't know how we will transport boxed gifts back to L.A. I really need help with this issue. Any suggestions on wording. I read another wedding blog who suggested the wording"gift regstritry @...Red Envelopes are welcome. Maybe we could say Purple Envelopes Welcome since our colors are purple?Help!

Re: How do you ask guests for cash gifts?

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    Never put anything relating to gifts on your invitations. Baaad etiquette! While most guests do give a gift you are not supposed to assume so.

    My suggestion is to simply save some extra money for shipping. You can always box items together. Also many guests will simply have the gift sent to your address or just bring cash. No one wants to lug a gift with them when they travel.

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    We're registering for our honeymoon.  The registry lists specific items and activities, but in the end the company just dierct deposits all the funds into your checking acount.
  • MNVegasMNVegas member
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    You SHOULD be embarassed for even thinking about this!! You DO NOT ask for cash gifts nor any other gifts for that matter. You never put gift suggestions or registry information on invitations. That is just NOT acceptable under any circumstances. People do not need to bring gifts with them to a wedding. Ever hear of UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS????
  • mloeksmloeks member
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    It's bad etiquette to ask for cash,etc. The words of advice I have seen is to perhaps mention it to your mother, who will of course be the person many people ask what you are wanting, where you are registering, etc.
    We did not do this, but we still received mostly cash or gift cards as gifts at our Vegas wedding. The people who gave us actual gifts shipped them to our home and it was nice to have something other than cash. To be honest, I can't even tell you what we spent most of the cash on with different things that came up at the end of our trip.
  • atlcatloveratlcatlover member
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    Registry info is NEVER included as part of the invites.  As pps have said, guests will ship gifts to your home.  they are not going to drag them to Vegas and then expect you to drag them home.
  • Venetian10Venetian10 member
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    Ok I get it. Thanks.
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