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Out of the shadows


Re: Out of the shadows

  • verucasaltyverucasalty
    edited December 2011
    In Response to Re: Out of the shadows:
    [QUOTE]Hey Verucasalty, I've read a blog article somewhere, perhaps Offbeatbride, that discusses some of the issues you've raised when selecting a photog to look a the diversity in their blog.  I've gone with John Morris.  By email so far, he seems like an awesome dude, and his blog is relatively diverse - I don't think I've seen any LGBT couples on his blog, but he does seem to at least have a diverse range of sizes and cultures.  Can I also suggest, you might wanna join the Offbeatbride tribe, (i'm on there too), it's a really supportive community, for those not having whitebread weddings :)
    Posted by benjillian[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for this! Thank you everyone for the suggestions
  • fendifanfendifan
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    edited December 2011
    We booked Ron Dillon @ rondillonphotography.com and we loved the diversity in what is on his website, not only with the couples but the photos as well. We've had an engagement shoot with him already and have been very pleased with everything from Ron so far. Can't wait to see what he does for us on our big day!!!!
  • tlbattagliatlbattaglia
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    edited December 2011
    Just wanted to say welcome to the board.
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